Tong Garden's Christmas Advent Box with 25 different nuts and snacks

Tong Garden has launched their latest Christmas Advent Box that includes 25 exciting snacks, including their famous White Sugar Peanuts.

At $25, the gift box comprises 10 types of nuts, 12 types of mixed snacks and 3 dried fruits. Among which are natural roasted nuts like Cashew and Almond, as well as flavoured treats like Smoked Cashew Nuts and Onion Garlic Broad Beans.

The snacks come in palm-sized sachets which is the perfect size for sampling all of Tong Garden’s products. To be honest, I never knew that Honey Almonds, Honey Sunflower Kernels, and a handful of others existed. I only had eyes for their White Sugar Peanuts.

I also appreciated the wide variety included, because eating the same thing for a long time gets boring.

While I would usually prefer the natural baked nuts, I have to admit that their sweetened snacks were much more addictive, especially their Honey Almond, which was imparted with a hint of honey, similar to the popular Korean snack.

I was also a huge fan of their Dried Figs, which has the softest texture I’ve ever had.

As great as they are, the holidays is about giving so do remember to get an extra box for your friends and family (unless they’re allergic).

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*This article is written in collaboration with Tong Garden

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