Pantone Colour of the Year 2022. Very Peri. Source: Pantone

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022- Very Peri- encourages creativity as we step into an age of possibilities. It is partially in response to what is recently coined as the metaverse, as our physical and digital lives merge in new ways.

‘Purplish’ is too simple of a descriptor for this new colour. Instead, Pantone describes it as “a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone.”

Source: Pantone

Very Peri is the first colour that was created in their history of Pantone Colour of the Year. With the help of the professionals at Pantone, here are three ways you can incorporate Very Peri in your homes with upcoming interior design trends.


The mix of red and blue in Very Peri renders it the perfect gateway to futuristic themes. Pantone’s Amusement comprises joyous colours such as Paradise Pink, Tawny Orange and Tourmaline; basically, shades of bright pink and green.

Source: Pantone

While Amusement is an appropriate colour palette to embrace the metaverse, few can appreciate living in a sci-fi movie. But what about incorporating it into a small corner of your home?

Multi-functional homes have taken off since the introduction of remote work. As critics analysise the effects of working from home on productivity levels, some have mentioned that the relaxing environment lowers their motivation to work. Hence, adding a splash of invigorating colours may cultivate a more productive workspace while separating your home from your ‘office’.


Maximalism is a dynamic style of colours and patterns that is accompanied with an excessive, yet curated collection of decors. While minimalism, its counterpart, may not be going away any time, maximalism has been gaining traction.

The masses are desperate to stand out from the crowd. Thus, a home painted in your favourite colours, and decorated with posters of your favourite band is the most effective way to showcase your persona.

A prime example of a maximalism is Monica and Rachel’s apartment from Friends, a popular American sit-com.

Source: Pantone

Pantone’s Balancing Act utilises a “natural balance of warm and cool tones”. Its muted variations of primary colours, such as Hawthorn Rose and Granite Green, adds a touch of colour to your homes while preserving its serenity.

Source: @johnathanadler/Instagram

Those who wish to adopt this aesthetic without the clutter can refer to Jonathan Adler’s famous ‘luxe and livable’ style. While they are completely different, this colour palette assimilates well with Adler’s distinct style.


Green is the new black.

Claire Zinnecker, the founder of Claire Zinnecker Design predicts green as 2022’s new hot colour. “People are itching to have a change of scenery within their personal spaces,” she said.

Source: Pantone

Adding shades of green into your home creates a sense of calm, whether in paint, decor or fauna. Pantone’s Wellspring three hues of green. The two shades of brown, Celery and Chai Tea, also ties in well with the nature theme.

As the year comes to an end, there is no doubt that 2021’s colours- Ultimate Grey and Illuminating- were ingenious choices. They represent strength and positivity. Both values are essentially in this bumpy year.

Pantone’s Colour of the Year forecasts and reflects our global culture. It also symbolises our expectations and hopes of the new year. As we welcome 2022 with uncertainty, let us see how well Very Peri fits in with the new year.

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