As technology advances over the years, travelling evolves as well. Have you noticed that many attractions all over the world have already incorporated new technologies to create innovative visitor’s experience?

Museums have opened up new dimensions by making use of Augmented Reality (AR) softwares, allowing users to immerse in an interactive digital world that is tied to a real-world environment. Meanwhile, even theme parks are upgraded with Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. Tech deployments have also been integrated into the retail sector for a more digital-like shopping experience where they are able to virtually try on cosmetic or fashion products. Truly, technology has become a game-changer to the travel industry, and this will have an impact on travellers ten years from today. This phenomena will only grow larger in the years to come as people become more tech savvy.

Does technology improve one’s travelling experience, or does it strip away unique cultural and historical aspects of certain attractions? More importantly, have you wondered what kind of traveller are you?

Amadeus has identified four Traveller Tribes that will develop in the next ten years by researching on the transforming forces of how technology plays a part in emerging traveller traits and behaviours. Before reading on, take the quiz to find out what kind of traveller you are.

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Memory Makers

50% of Singaporeans are found to be Memory Makers who adopt a simplified approach to travel in making memories and visiting places. Despite being skeptical about new technology, this group of users are still excited about VR and AR.

Excited Experientialists

23% of Singaporeans belong in this category — with a you-only-live-once “YOLO” concept, causing them to be more receptive to new and innovative changes as they are prepared for new and less predictable adventures. This group of users are also more accepting towards new technology and are expecting to use artificial intelligence (AI) in their travel.

Travel Tech-fluencers

Only 7% of Singaporeans identify themselves as travel tech-fluencers, which include young business travellers these days. Most of them are concerned about sustainability options around their method of travel.

Pioneering Pathfinders

20% of Singaporeans fall into this group, mainly between the age of 23 and 41. With a fast-paced life, this group is always seeking for new adventure and are also risk takers. Not afraid to try new experiences, they are excited to try out all forms of payment methods such as cryptocurrency or using virtual reality.


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