Correct me if I’m wrong, but can we all agree that TVB produces the best investigation and detective dramas? The heart-thumping chase, mind-boggling crimes, cruel backstabs and heart wrenching romance. Thus, we’ve decided to collate the 11 best TVB police dramas that TVB has produced.

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1. Line Walker 使徒行者

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TVB’s most popular police series, Line Walker takes undercover police dramas up a notch. After the his colleague’s mysterious death, 卓凱 Cheuk Hoi (played by 苗僑偉 Michael Miu) was responsible for locating and protecting the undercover cops that were under the deceased colleague.

Together with 薛家強 Sit Ka Keung (played by 林峯 Raymond Lam), 丁小嘉 Ting Siu Ka (played by 佘詩曼 Charmaine Seah) and three others, they reveal more secrets, like the cause of his colleague’s death and the presence of a mole in the police force. 

A second series, Line Walker: The Prelude, was later released in 2017. It stars 周柏豪 Pakho Chau, 黃翠如 Priscilla Wong and 袁偉豪 Benjamin Yuen.

Released in 2020, their 3rd series features 馬國明 Kenneth Ma as the antagonist, and introduces new cast members like 張振朗 Owen Cheung and 黃智雯 Mandy Wong.

2. Every Move You Make 讀心神探

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Translating to the ‘Mind-reading Detective’, Senior Inspector 姚學琛 Linus Yiu (played by 林保怡 Bowie Lam) has mastered the skills of Facial Action Coding System, body language study, microexpression interpretations and applied psychology to solve criminal investigations.

The show takes you on an interesting crime-solving journey. But the biggest challenge for this genius inspector is to manage the messy chemistry in his team which includes but not limited to 田蕊妮 Kristal Tin Yui Lee, 黃宗澤 Bosco Wong and 黎諾懿 Lokyi Lai Lok Yi.

3. Always and Ever 情逆三世緣

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This crime series follows a love story through 3 lifetimes from the Song Dynasty, Hong Kong in 1950s and Modern Hong Kong. The story unravels when Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Inspector 袁金昌 Circle Yuen (played by 歐陽震華 Bobby Au Yeung) accidentally kills his wife 楊夕雪 Phoenix Yeung (played by 關詠荷 Esther Kwan).

His grief opened a hole in the timeline sending him back to the Song Dynasty where he meets Shueng-sheung, a scholar who looks exactly like Phoenix. As they travel forward in the timeline, they unveil the true reason behind their fate.

4. To Get Unstuck in Time 隔世追兇

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This 2004 Sci-Fi/Crime series stars 何天光 Ho Tin Guang (played by 郭晉安 Roger Kwok) who discovered a way to communicate with his deceased father from the past. Together, they help each other solve their crimes with information from their respective timelines and accidentally change the past.

5. Flying Tigers 飛虎

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Elites of the Hong Kong Police Force, The Flying Tigers specializes in counter-terrorism, hostage rescue and high-risk crimes. This series of bravery and camaraderie centers around the Flying Tigers opposing high-threat criminal organizations. So steel yourself for adrenaline pumping action scenes

The franchise produced the following series: Tiger Cubs (2012), Tiger Cubs II (2014), Flying Tiger (2018) and Flying Tiger II (2019).

6. Legal Maverick 踩過界

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Source: Jasmine’s Drama Blog

Blinded after an accident, 文申俠 Hope Man (played by 王浩信 Vincent Wong) persevered and worked hard to become a lawyer. Eventually, he earned the title ‘Blind Legal Knight’ in the legal profession. Like Marvel’s Daredevil, his other senses were also enhanced.

Together with 谷一夏 Gogo (played by 張振朗 Owen Cheung), his flatmate and private detective, and 趙正妹 Deanie (played by 蔡思貝 Sisley Choi), his female legal executive with mob connections, these three musketeers challenges criminals to uphold justice.

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7. Witness To A Prosecution 洗冤錄

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Taking place in the Qing Dynasty, the story centres around the protagonist 宋慈 Song Chi (played by 歐陽震華 Bobby Au Yeung), a nighttime keeper who was framed for murder along with with 唐思 Tong Sze (played by 宣萱 Jessica Hsuen). He was later cleared of his name by coroner 馬貴 Ma Kwai (played by 劉江 Lau Kong) and decided to study under him.

Pioneering the incorporation of forensic science into crime investigations, Song Chi later becomes 宋翊 Sung Yik’s (played by 林文龍 Frankie Lam) personal forensic medical doctor. They solve many mysterious cases together as Song Chi continues developing his skills as a coroner.

Witness To A Prosecution was met with positive reviews and also yielded Bobby Au Yeung the “Best Actor’ award in 2000. A sequel was later released in 2003.

8. Forensic Heroes 法政先鋒

Source: The Drama Slot

Forensic Heroes is an iconic TVB crime series unbeknownst to many.  Complementing the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) with the sophisticated art of forensic science, this is one crime/investigation drama that should not be missed.

Cast for the 4 series:
1: 歐陽震華 Bobby Au-Yeung, 林文龍 Frankie Lam, 蒙嘉慧 Yoyo Mung, 鍾嘉欣 Linda Chung
2: 歐陽震華 Bobby Au-Yeung, 林文龍 Frankie Lam, 鄭嘉穎, Kevin Cheng, 佘詩曼 Sharmaine Sheh, 蒙嘉慧 Yoyo Mung, 鍾嘉欣 Linda Chung
3: 黎耀祥 Wayne Lai, 張可頤 Maggie Cheung, 徐子珊 Kate Tsui, 吳卓羲 Ron Ng
4. 黃浩然 Raymond Wong, 李施嬅 Selena Lee, 譚俊彦 Shaun Tam, 陳煒 Alice Chan Wai, 朱晨麗 Rebecca Chu, 汤洛雯 Roxanne Tong

9. The Four 四大名捕

Source: IMDb

Adapted from a novel, The Four tells a tale of four constables who work together to solve cases and attempt to oust the corrupt prime minister of the Song Dynasty. The appeal of this series is the incorporation of chinese martial arts and the dynamics among the 4 hot blooded constables with vastly different personalities and beliefs. But what’s even better than the plot is the epic cast, featuring 林峰 Raymond Lam, 馬國明 Kenneth Ma, 陳鍵鋒 Sammul Chan, 吳卓羲 Ron Ng.

10. A Pillow Case of Mystery 施公奇案

Source: The Movie Database

Taking place in the Song Dynasty, A pillow Case of mystery is a fantasy-detective drama. Newly appointed magistrate of Kung-do County, 施世綸Sze Sai Lun (played by 歐陽震華 Bobby Au Yeung) encounters a spirit enclosed in a pillow who helps him solve challenging cases by giving him riddles and clues.

The series was such a hit that a sequel, A pillow case of mystery II was later released in 2010.

11. D.I.E 古靈精探

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We’ve all heard of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). But what about the Death Investigation Extension (D.I.E)? As cool as it sounds, the D.I.E was established as an excuse for superiors to send away unwanted subordinates. Despite cracking many major cases, 于子朗 Yue Chi-Long (郭晉安 played by Roger Kwok) was banished to D.I.E as he constantly falls asleep on his job. Little do they know that his weird habit is due to his extrasensory abilities which allows him to see images of a deceased person’s past life when he touches their personal belongings.

After winning ‘Best Drama’, a second series ‘D.I.E Again’ is released in 2009.

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