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Don’t trust every girl who says that flowers are a waste of money. But if they genuinely believe in it because of its fleeting life span, consider getting her everlasting preserved flowers as a gift instead!

Dried flower arrangements and preserved roses not only make a great decorative piece, they can last up to a year, and even longer with good maintenance. It’s definitely the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking for a gift for Valentine’s Day , here are the five best preserved flowers in Singapore to consider getting.

1. JC Everlasting Flora

Photo: JC Everlasting Flora

Looking for the perfect gift that captures beauty and sentiment that lasts forever? Look no further than JC Everlasting Flora’s exquisite collection. Each handcrafted floral arrangement is a masterpiece of preserved beauty, meticulously crafted to preserve their allure for years to come.

From pastel hues to vibrant tones, and rustic designs, there’s surely a design for everybody. What better way to express your love than to curate your own flower dome through a workshop? For those who prefers to up their game by creating a flower gift from scratch, they offer private workshops too.

JC Everlasting Flora



Lunabelle stands tall as Singapore’s finest preserved flower provider, synonymous with premium quality, bespoke themed designs and dedicated service for all occasions.

The signature Customised Enchanted Rose Domes offers a wide range of character figurines like Disney, Marvel to Sanrio characters to create a truly personalised masterpiece for your loved ones. With attention to detail and the use of cartoon figurines, every order is a work of art, carefully tailored to meet customer desires and showcase the beauty of preserved flowers at their best.

3. Bloomback

Photo: Bloomback

Bloomback’s timeless and elegant flower domes are perfect for a romantic and luxe gifting occasion. Crafted with premium quality flowers, their masterpieces provide enduring happiness without the pain of flowers withering. Their exceptional artistry is exemplified by their signature gifts, such as the personalised birthstone bag charm, customised LED photo flower dome, bluetooth speaker as well as the classic flower dome.

Furthermore, their floral workshops are great for solo rejuvenation, couple floral therapy, hen’s night activities, or team-bonding sessions.


4. Flower & Ko

Photo: Flower & Ko

Flower & Ko takes the crown as one of Singapore’s best-preserved flowers provider. With a talented floristry tutor, Hazel, at the helm – a graduate of prestigious schools in London, Taiwan, and Japan – the artistry and skill showcased in each creation are unparalleled. Hazel’s dedication to excellence shines through in every exquisite, long-lasting floral masterpiece she crafts for any occasion.

Moreover, Flower & Ko’s innovative “Preserved Flower Bar” concept elevates events to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on guests through their stunning floral arrangements. From bag charms to bouquets, flower domes, and aroma diffusers, Flower & Ko offers an impressive range of items to suit diverse preferences.

Flower & Ko

5. Floracent

Photo: Floracent

Floracent is renowned for its handcrafted and unique floral pieces. Whether as a cherished gift or captivating home décor, their preserved flowers delight with lasting beauty. Their signature Fortune Cat design symbolises prosperity and luck, while their new secret garden series promises enchanting arrangements.

Committed to quality, Floracent’s preserved flowers retain their allure for months. With a reputation built on innovation, artistry, and customer satisfaction, Floracent remains unrivaled as one of the best preserved flowers in Singapore.


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