Customised dog tags with popular themes like Disney and Harry Potter. Source: clåe

Pet tags are no longer solely used for identification purposes these days, but seen as trendy and fashionable accessories to be flaunted over Instagram feed. Rainbow tags or ombre designs, your pet probably could not care less, but this doesn’t stop an obsessed dogmum from collecting as many designs as possible. Remember, thereis no such thing as too many dog tags in the wardrobe.

Here is a quick guide on some of the best customised dog tags in Singapore!

1. clåe

Customised dog tags with popular themes like Disney and Harry Potter. Source: clåe
Photo: clae

Resin tags are usually the norm, but clåe creates mesmerising dog tags that are fully shaped out of clay. On top of their intricate designs of a realistic pet portrait, they can even recreate fantastic backdrops such as Disneyland and Harry Potter. The possibilities of customisation are endless as you can request for designs that hold special memories, or add on his/her favourite food or toy to the masterpiece. The price of the tags don’t start cheap, but it’s definitely worth every penny!

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2. Rhesin

Resin dog tags. Source: Rhesin
Photo: Rhesin

Started out as a small Carousell platform in the midst of the pandemic, this humble business has currently expanded into a full-time passion creating beautiful resin tags and keychains for our furry friends. The Ineo Glitter Rainbow Ombre Tag is one of their best-sellers, which features a colourful holographic effect with a magical sparkle. For custom designs, they can also create quirky designs like watermelon and shaker tags. Each tag comes with a complimentary charm to complete the customisation too!

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3. R.E.S.G.E.M. LAB Furry Friends

Photo: Res Gem Lab

You can expect colourful, fun and stylish designs from R.E.S.G.E.M LAB to dress up your furry kid! One of their signature products is Sandy Beach which comes with realistic beautiful waves and two cute paw prints on the sand. For extra assurance, every product includes a 1 year warranty on metal parts too. You can also choose to customise your pet’s birthday or your personal contact at the back of the resin tag.


4. Hello Furry

Hello Furry printed dog tags. Source: Hello Furry
Photo: Hello Furry

If resin is not your kind of thing, Hello Furry offers personalised printed dog tags with a variety of colourful and vibrant designs ranging from burgers and sushi to cartoons like Disney, Minions and Star Wars. In fact, you don’t have to only pick from their available designs as you are free to customise a completely unique tag for your dog with specific photos of your own!

Hello Furry

5. Grafurrty

Source: Graffurty
Photo: Grafurrty

At Grafurrty, you can personalise beautifully crafted pet tags which are handmade and designed with love! From a simple bone-shaped design to cute Mickey mouse head for the Disney fanatics, you’ll be able to find a pet tag you love. Each tag has a unique flair of its own. Find your inner rainbow with their latest Rainbow Sparkles on White, which exudes elegance and class.

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