Has your dog been destroying your furniture or shoes? Due to teething or boredom, you may find your puppy chewing on things that they aren’t supposed to. Here are 6 best natural dog treats and chews in Singapore to pamper your furkid while providing additional great benefits such as good dental health and digestion! More importantly, these are made of all-natural ingredients with zero additives and preservatives. Healthy doggos, happy hoomans!

1. Knineculture

With a focus on natural and healthy treats for your furkids, Knineculture has a wide variety of delicious chews that come with a range of health benefits. New to natural chews? Check out their limited combo pack (subject to stock availability) to sample their products before committing to a full-sized package. Some of their really popular products include rabbit ears, beef tendon and beef tails. To improve your pup’s motor skills and for rehabilitation purposes, they also offer fitness equipments to train your dog to maintain balance and stabilise joints.

Price Range: S$10 – 25
Recommended Products: Rabbit ears, Beef Tendons
Free shipping: For orders above S$60

2. Airdried pet treats

Before splurging on a particular treat, air-dried snack packs are great options for your furkid to try out the different flavours. These snack packs are also convenient to bring out for furdates with your pup as they are small and compact for storage. Choose from a range of different meat varieties like chicken/ duck fit, pork liver, mussels and kangaroo bites. Starting an affordable price of $4.90, their delicious bone broths can enhance your pup’s meals with an elevated flavour.

Airdried Pet Treats bone broths and dried treats

Price Range: S$1.90 – 39.90
Recommended Products: Soup Broths

You may refer to shipping rates here.

3) Droolb

A delectable range of treats and chews from Droolb start from a pocket-friendly price of just $14.90 per packet. Your pup will be delighted to savour from different meat chews like chicken feet, beef aorta, duck neck, pig ears and a lot others. Keep a look out for their seasonal treats – some of their past popular launches include 12 days of Christmas Box 2020 and CNY specials. Macqui Berry Ice cream made from Antioxidant rich blend of dehydrated goat milk, beef gelatin, freeze dried maqui power, might make a refreshing delicious treat for your dog on a hot sunny day.

Droolb dried chicken feet as natural dog treats and chew
Source: Droolb

Price Range: S$14.90 – 24.90
Recommended Products: Beef Paddy Fries, Beef Aorta Chew Strips
Free shipping: For orders above S$60

4) Pawspiracy

Made from fresh whole ingredients, Pawspiracy produces revival training bites which are high-value freeze dried treats in bite-sized pieces which are perfect for training purposes and interactive dog toys like puzzles and Kong toys. The treats are also individually packed into smaller portions which ensures optimal freshness. They have also recently launched subscription boxes for those who cannot get enough of these sumptuous training treats! Don’t forget to check out their popular chews like Probiotic chicken neck and duck head.

Pawspiracy freeze dried raw beef tenderloin
Source: Pawspiracy

Price Range: S$18 – 23 (Revival training bites)
Recommended Products: Revival training bites
Free shipping: For orders above S$50

5) Nudeseafood

Originally a pet-friendly seafood restaurant at Marina One, nudeseafood has extended their tantalising food products to furkids under the TAKI range (‘Taki’ deriving from their pet dog’s name). Pick from Wagyu steak, Salmon Feast or a mix of both (Surf & Turf). Made with premium grade freeze-dried seafood and meat with no salt or additives, this crunchy treat is a favourite among many pups. Each piece is also individually packed to ensure freshness.

Nudeseafood bowls of salmon and meat
Source: nudeseafood

Price Range: S$19 each, a bundle of any 3 for $53.8
(15% off March and April for Buddy’s first birthday, with code “Buddy”)
Recommended Products:
Free shipping: FREE

6) Loyalty Pet Treats

With a focus on ultimate natural goodness and taste, Loyalty Pet Treats are made using their very own unique patented process to dehydrate pure lean meat at low temperatures and humidity, thus locking in the best nutritional value for your furkids. Their meat are 100% human-grade and sourced from Australia, ensuring premium taste and quality. These single ingredient pet treats range from basic ones like beef chunks and lamb fillets to more exotic flavors like shark cartilage and kangaroo steak; and interesting chews such as sea faerie tails and twisty shark chews.

Loyalty Pet Treat's Loyal Roo Rib
Source: Loyalty Pet Treats

Price Range: S$5 – 26.80
Recommended Products: Shark cartilage, Roo tendons, Beef chunks
Free shipping: For orders above S$60

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