It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a… SkyOrb Cabin?

Celebrating the Singapore Cable Car’s 50th anniversary, this iconic tourist attraction in Singapore launches the brand new SkyOrb Cabins at Mount Faber Peak.

Upgrading the look of traditional cable car cabins, these futuristic SkyOrb Cabins debuts as the world’s first chrome-finished spherical design, revolutionising cable car aesthetics. 

SkyOrb Cabins at Singapore Cable Car
Photo: Mount Faber Leisure

The cabins feature glass-bottomed floors revealing stunning scenery below your feet and a captivating ring of lights by night adding a futuristic charm. With innovative double windows at the front and triple window louvres at the rear for better ventilation. From the outside, it almost resembles an astronaut’s helmet!

Only seven SkyOrb Cabins are in use at the moment.

How much does the SkyOrb cost?

Close up of SkyOrb Cabins
Photo: Mount Faber Leisure

Secure your spot for a thrilling adventure with SkyOrb Cabins starting 20 March 2024, with tickets available at the Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber and Sentosa Station counters.

An upgrade to the SkyOrb Cabins costs an additional $15 per person on weekdays, and $20 per person on weekends and Public Holidays. A regular ticket to board the Singapore Cable Car starts from $28 per person.

Singapore Cable Car SkyOrb Cabins

Location: 50 Imbiah Road, Singapore Cable Car Station, Singapore 099706
Opening hours: 8.45am-10pm

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