In a collaboration with the Oo La Lab, a local perfumery, Ascott Singapore Orchard invites their guests to embark on an olfactory adventure. From now till 31 January 2024, hotel guests can immerse themselves in this exclusive experience, unleashing their creativity by crafting their personalised perfume from a palette of 27 sustainably sourced fragrance notes.

Blissfulness Bottled is the hotel’s most recent launch under Ascott Soiree, a key feature of the hotel, which offers curated in-residence programs and local collaborations. The offerings range from the realms of performing and visual arts to the finesse of couture and culinary arts.

Crafting memories at Ascott Singapore Orchard

This opportunity allows guests to craft a personalised fragrance, a tangible and aromatic memento that forever encapsulates the essence of their stay at Ascott properties — a true embodiment of blissfulness bottled.

Should you find yourself familiar with Singapore’s pop-up scenes or the world of fragrances, Oo La Lab may have graced your senses before.

This pop-up is a small cart located at the concierge. There are 27 scents, a mix of top, middle and base notes, to choose from. Oo La Lab recommends choosing three to five scents — at least one from each row. Top notes tend to be more fresh and fleeting, such as citrus and ozone. Middle notes are more full-bodied and are generally the heart of the perfume. Available middle notes at the cart includes rose, jasmine, and violet. Lastly, base notes form the foundation of your perfume, and are generally heavier. For instance, woody scents or strong sweet aromas like amber, oud, and vanilla.

We spent about half an hour there taking a whiff of everything, and exploring different combinations. I ended up choosing equal parts of tea, rose and woody, which reminded me of a tea party in a rose garden. It was sweet and refreshing, making it an ideal choice as an everyday scent.

If you’re at a loss, Oo La Lab has provided three formulas. One of them is specifically designed to evoke your memories at Ascott Singapore Orchard — the Ascott Recommends.

Alternatively, seek a second opinion from Melina S., the hotel’s Senior Ascott Artisan.

Ascott Artisan

The second key feature of Ascott properties, Ascott Artisans embody the brand’s hallmarks with panache.

Melina is a trove of knowledge. She stands ready to assist with bespoke needs and wants. From purchasing ingredients for in-suite stays to navigating shopping dilemmas, the Ascott Artisan ensures a seamless and personalised experience.

While the Ascott Artisan feature may be more relevant for foreigners on extended stays, its charm resonates with the essence of hospitality that Ascott Singapore Orchard embodies.

Studio Executive Suite

For those staying for a few nights, the Studio Executive Suite provides a well-furnished retreat adorned in a dusty gold and monochromatic colour scheme. Standout features include an adjustable television screen and remarkably comfortable hotel slippers.

Meanwhile, those who are seeking a longer stay, or if you’re travelling with your family, the Two-Bedroom Premier Suite and higher categories may suit you better. Numerous serviced apartments in Singapore aim to create a homely ambience to alleviate guests’ homesickness. Ascott Singapore Orchard’s suites achieves it with one distinctive feature — the thoughtful addition of a corridor.

Although a seemingly small detail, this sets the suites apart from the majority, where rooms are typically separated by just a door. The inclusion of a corridor adds a personalised touch, transforming the suite into a truly a home away from home.

Ascott Singapore Orchard

Location: No. 11 Cairnhill Rd, Singapore 229724

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