Coconut shake, acai smoothies, and ice blends are absolutely refreshing to drink in Singapore’s scorching hot weather, but they come with a high price tag. It’s always healthier and pocket-friendly to do it yourself with a blender. Unfortunately, most kitchen blenders are very bulky and a hassle to clean up.

Aura Portable Blender, the absolute queen of blenders will make your job easier if you are looking for something portable and convenient. The best part? You can convert it into a water bottle by switching the base, allowing you to blend anytime and anywhere!

Powerful blend

Do not underestimate its power for its size. The Aura Portable Blender comes with AuraVortex™ blending technology which is the fastest in the market with an incredible speed of 25,000 RPM — that’s 417 spins per second! The 6-point serrated stainless steel blades makes the blending quite effortless compared to 4-point blades or straight edge blades.

Upon clicking the power button, my milkshake blended within seconds and the texture of the milkshake was extremely smooth. We recommend adding 3-4 ice cubes per serving, and shaking to kickstart the blending process when there is ice. The blending is also a lot quieter compared to bigger blenders in the market.

Instead of the usual plastic material, the bottle is made of borosilicate glass which is well-known for its thermal resistance properties. This means that you can safely blend warm and cold drinks.

Sleek design and portability

As it is wireless and USB rechargeable, it can be charged on the go with any outlets that comes with a USB port, even your computers and power bank chargers.

There are endless ways to make use of the Aura portable blender: making a mid-day energy booster at the office, concocting your own protein shake the gym… I would personally want to bring this out to a picnic some day, instead of spending on overpriced drinks!

The glass bottle comes with measurement markings which makes it easier to follow recipes. On top of that, it is super easy to clean. All you have to do is blend dish soap and water, and it’s cleaned within minutes; perfect for those who are too busy to do your dishes!

The blender converts into a lightweight water bottle (395g) by switching the motor base with the bottle cap, which then fits nicely into the Aura Insulated Sleeve. Since it is made of waterproof neoprene material, the sleeve prevents condensation from getting onto your belongings and also helps to keep your drinks chilled or warm after blending. The concealed handle adds to the sleek design as well.

Our verdict

The blending process was extremely fast and easy, most of the recipes took only about 10-20 seconds to get a full blend.

We did not follow a strict recipe, but here are some of the combinations that we have tried out.

  • Strawberries + Blueberries + Oat Milk
  • Strawberries + Banana + Fresh Milk
  • Banana + Oat Milk
  • Coconut + Fresh Milk

Make sure that your ingredients are cut so they can fit easily into the 480 ml cup, which also prevent the ingredients from being lodged or stuck during the process.

If you run out of recipe ideas, check out their recommendations here as they teach you how to replicate drinks such as oreo milkshake, brown sugar milk tea, matcha latte, smoothie bowls, and more.

Aura Blender offers free delivery as well as a free 1-year local warranty on all orders.

Aura Blender

*This article is written in partnership with Aura Blender, but all opinions are of my own

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