As Teachers’ Day 2023 approaches, it’s time to honor the educators who shape minds and inspire futures. Finding the perfect way to express your gratitude can be a rewarding task, and that’s where we come in.

We’ve compiled a list of the six best Teachers’ Day gift ideas that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring your heartfelt appreciation shines through. From customised care packages filled with thoughtful essentials to scented candles designed to bring tranquility, each of these teachers’ day presents embodies the sentiments you wish to convey. Dive into this collection of unique teachers’ day gift ideas and discover ways to make this year’s celebration truly special.

1. Shop Mint Home

Personalised A6 Notebook Organizer – Yellow. Photo: Shop Mint Home

Introducing the perfect way to show your appreciation this Teacher’s Day – customised gifts from Shop Mint Home.

Shop Mint Home is a renowned personalised homeware brand in Singapore, with a wide variety of products to choose from. The team has kindly curated a Teachers’ Day Gift roundup on their website. For instance, a coaster, a notebook organizer,  and a custom phone stand.

Practical and stylish, these gift will remind them of your thoughtfulness every time they use it. The best part — you can personalise it with their initials or a design that resonates with them. Shop Mint Home brings you the opportunity to express your gratitude in a unique and personal way, allowing you to create meaningful tokens of appreciation that your teachers will cherish for years to come. Show your admiration and make this Teacher’s Day truly special with Shop Mint Home’s customised gifts.

Shop Mint Home

Price: From $6

2. Bird’s nest from TruLife

What’s a better way to showcase gratitude and love for your teachers than bird’s nest and collagen.

TruLife, a local consumer health products brand, has recently collaborated with Sanrio. The TruLife My Melody Bird’s Nest and TruLife Hello Kitty Collagen Bird’s Nest are not just treats for the palate but also a delightful celebration of goodness. Each product encapsulates qualities such as honesty, kindness, and beauty, which makes this Teachers’ Day present much more meaningful.

Discover a delectable range of flavours, including American Ginseng & Rock Sugar, Manuka Honey, Pearl Activa and 100%. These delightful offerings will be available in stores and online from 23 August 2023 for you to show your appreciation to your teachers in a unique, wholesome, and truly heartfelt way. 


Price: From $39.9

3. Gourmet popcorn from Kettle Gourmet

Photo: The Kettle Gourmet

Searching for a delightful way to express your gratitude to your teachers this upcoming Teacher’s Day? Look no further than Kettle Gourmet, a local gourmet popcorn sensation.

The Kettle Gourmet is renowned for their imaginative popcorn flavours that include local favorites like Nasi Lemak, Chilli Crab, and Kaya Toast. 

The Kettle Gourmet Teacher’s Day Bundle is a thoughtful assortment that encapsulates the spirit of appreciation. This bundle, with an assortment of 8 x 30g packets, contains eight flavours: Chilli Crab, Chicken Floss, Nasi Lemak, Kaya Butter Toast, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Fish Head Curry, and Pulut Hitam.

As a delightful bonus, the bundle also includes a voucher for your next purchase, ensuring that your appreciation keeps on giving.

Kettle Gourmet

Price: From $24

4. Coffee drip bag from Perk Coffee

Photo: Perk Coffee / Facebook

Are your teachers working tirelessly to get your grades up? Give them a well-deserved pick-me-up with a touch of coffee magic from Perk Coffee.

A local roaster in Singapore, Perk Coffee offers a delightful solution to keep your teachers energised and invigorated. Their coffee drip bags start at just $17.9 for a pack of ten, presenting a tempting selection of single origins and blends. From the milky and nutty notes of Brazil Cerrado to the fruity and syrupy tones of Columbia Altura, there’s a flavour profile to suit every palate.

If you’re unsure which delicious brew your teacher might prefer, consider the Taster Pack Trio priced at $28. This pack includes 15 drip bags, divided into five for each single origin. It’s the perfect way for your teachers to explore and enjoy a variety of rich coffee experiences.

Show your teachers some appreciation by gifting them the aromatic delight of Perk Coffee’s drip bags — a thoughtful gesture that’s sure to make their day a little brighter.

Perk Coffee

Price: From $17.9

5. Scented Candles from Oyasumi Scents

White Peony Tea & Nashi Pear Soy Candle. Photo: Oyasumi Scent

As the day winds down, gift your hardworking teachers a touch of relaxation with scented candles from Oyasumi Scents.

“Oyasumi” translates to “goodnight” in Japanese, and these candles are designed to create a serene atmosphere that promotes relaxation. Help your teachers unwind after a long day with the soothing flicker and enchanting fragrances of Oyasumi’s candles.

While classic scents are lovely, Oyasumi takes a unique approach with their Asian-inspired candle flavors. Starting from just $20, you can choose from a selection that includes White Tea & Lavender for a calming blend, Pandan & Lemongrass for an invigorating twist, and Jasmine & Orange Blossom for a refreshing touch.

Let your teachers bask in the gentle glow of Oyasumi scented candles, adding a touch of tranquility to their well-deserved downtime.

Oyasumi Scents

Price: From $20

6. Customised care package

Show your appreciation to your teachers with a personalised care package that encompasses their well-being and comfort.

Curated with care, this custom package is designed to cater to their diverse needs. You can include anything you want, but here are some recommendations to get the ball rolling. Energise their day with a selection of tasty snacks, such as granola bars and digestive biscuits. To pair the snacks with an assortment of soothing tea bags. You can’t go wrong with TWG. You can also add other practical items such as a hand sanitiser, wet wipes and sticky notes!

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