Popular homegrown fish and crisps brand, Big Fish Small Fish, has recently launched a new brunch menu.

The new menu features eight local-inspired and western dishes from $14.9, inclusive of coffee/tea. Get a taste of these delectable all-day breakfast and brunch dishes that are on par with some of the best cafes in town!

New brunch menu

Inspired by its own brand name ‘Big Fish Small Fish’, Big Breakfast Small Breakfast ($19.4) is a breakfast set that consists of two pieces of savoury pancakes, their signature fried breaded fish, grilled chicken sausages, grilled turkey bacon, served with salad, butter, and honey on the side.

The pancakes were fluffy and soft, slightly towards a cakey texture. Meanwhile, the fish was deep-fried until perfectly golden and crispy. Its savoury, crunchy exterior contrasted beautifully with its tender, flaky fish. This would have been a great pairing with waffles, but this pancake-combination was great too.

You shouldn’t miss the Cone of Fish ($15.9) too! Their signature fried breaded fish is worth every bite. The combination of the crispy fried fish and french fries is surely a crowd-pleaser, and the addition of the lemon garlic sauce completed the dish with a zesty and buttery finish.

The Union Jack ($18.4) is just like a typical classic English breakfast. It consists of toasted brioche with chicken bratwurst sausage, mushrooms, turkey bacon and sunny side up eggs, served with salad. The toasted brioche deserves an extra mention due to its soft and fluffy texture.

Croissant lovers have to try this. The Creamy Mushroom Croissant ($14.9) is topped with creamy sautéed mushroom, and served with tater tots and mesclun salad on the side. The croissant was flaky, buttery, light, and blessed with a buttery aroma. Meanwhile, the creaminess of the sautéed added a nice touch to the dish.

New drinks at Big Fish Small Fish

On top of their new brunch menu items, Big Fish Small Fish offers a range of other fanciful drinks that range from $4.5 to $6.5.

Those who enjoy chocolatey taste should try the Rocky Road Choco Paradise ($6), or the Nutty Cream Brew ($6.5) if you need some caffeine fix. On the other hand, non-coffee drinkers can enjoy their series of delightful colourful beverages like the Tropical Fruity Lemonade ($4.5), which is a pink lemonade topped with mango and peach cloud.

Big Fish Small Fish’s new brunch menu is only available only on weekends and public holidays, from 10am to 1pm.

Big Fish Small Fish

*This article is written in partnership with Big Fish Small Fish, but all opinions are of my own

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