Flat lay of Korean fusion dishes at Bones n Slaw

Bones n Slaw is a Western bistro at Clarke Quay that serves homemade pasta, pizzas and mains with Asian influence at an affordable price.

It bears an uncanny resemblance to Walking on Sunshine, a garden-themed cafe at Somerset that specialises in Korean-Western Fusion, in terms of appearance and menu.

I didn’t have high expectations for coffee at places like this, but the choices were limited. However, the Hot Latte ($5.9) exceeded expectations with notes of butter, nuts and caramel; definitely better than your average cup of joe.

Korean Fusion

Flat lay of Korean fusion dishes at Bones n Slaw

The dishes were also well-executed, introducing new flavours while retaining familiarity.

Take the Tiramisu ($7.9) for example. It defied tradition with brandy, masala, Grand Marnier and cacao nibs. You can’t taste the spices from the masala, and the citrus notes from the alcohol. Instead, they contributed to a lighter, more refreshing variation.

The only detectable change was the cacao nibs which added a less intense flavour than cocoa powder does.

The 50 Degree Salmon ($21.9) also experimented with lighter flavours with a ginger shoyu sauce. I expected a sharper spice from the ginger but was greeted by tartness instead. Nonetheless, it was tantalizing, especially when contrasted with the creamy sous vide yolk.

It would’ve been a perfect dish had the texture of salmon been less rough.

The Smoked Garlic Prawn Pizza ($15.8 for 10″) was a little too salty, especially after two slices. But the doughy texture made the cut. Perhaps the flavours could’ve been improved with less parmesan and more noticeable smokiness on the prawns.

The Truffle Carbonara ($18.9) is cooked in cream and topped with bacon. It’s hard to go wrong with blasphemed carbonara, especially with the addition of truffle.

Do note that these are half-portions to allow us to try more dishes without wastage.

Leaning away from sacrilege and more of culinary innovation, this next pasta takes inspiration from Japanese dishes. The Hokkaido Scallop Kombu Linguine ($20.9) is tossed in umami, herby sauce that is composed of konbu, coriander, garlic and Madeira wine. This is one of those dishes that requires an acquired taste and sadly it didn’t appeal to us.

Location: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, Clarke Quay Central, #02-82/83, Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 6980 6758


*This article was written in collaboration with Bones n Slaw

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