If there was an award for the oddest cafe location, it would definitely go to Alicia Yap’s Butler Koffee. Co-sharing the space with a scuba diving equipment store, the cafe is located in Kreta Ayer, a street away from Keong Saik Road. If anyone’s lost just like we were, it’s right above Sugar Thieves.

The menu consists of espresso-based coffee which uses the same blend from Alchemist, and cold brew that uses roasts from 2 Degrees North.

Her cold brew was the one that started it all as founder Alicia Yap was initially looking for a cosy spot to brew her coffee. During her search, her friend suggested sharing a space with ScubaPeople.

Frankly, it’s not the most aesthetically designed cafe considering its co-sharing concept. Coffee and scuba diving aren’t exactly the most compatible elements. But, if you stand exactly where I was, you’d find yourself transported to a cosy coffee stand in Taiwan.

Anyway, diving (pun intended) back to the drinks. Butler Koffee offers White (S$5), Black (S$5), Espresso (S$4 for single and S$4.5 for double), with a S$1 add-on for iced and oat milk.

The Iced White (S$6) was light-bodied and mildly nutty. A decent brew. Though I really wish Alchemist would bring back their Dark Matter from 2019 which had a more prominent chocolate punch and fuller mouthfeel.

Their Cold Brew White (S$8) was much more impressive. It has a similar profile to Atlas’ Milky Way since they use the same roast. But it was less creamy and sweet. In other words, it’s more balanced and tastes less like coffee ice cream. 

For those who prefer the tea, you can also try the Maple Vanilla Green Tea (S$7). Lightly fragranced from the base notes of the tea, the addition of maple and vanilla gave it a sweet and milky aftertaste

On the other hand, the Elder & Cream Black Tea (S$7) had a mild ambrosial fragrance.

The ‘wrong’ spelling of the word ‘coffee’ isn’t a typo. Koffee, or rather Koffie, was how it was originally spelt in Dutch. Also, it serves as a good ice breaker for Alicia and her customers. Meanwhile, butler serves as a homage to Alicia’s previous profession as a hotel butler. And just like a hotel butler service, she aims to foster an intimate coffee moment with her.

Location: 333 Kreta Ayer Rd, #03-22, Singapore 080333
Tel: +65 9326 3726
Opening hours: 8:30am- 4pm (Weekdays except Wednesday); 9am- 5pm (Weekends)

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