Opened by the same folks behind Glyph Supply Co. at Triple One Somerset and Runes at Lau Pa Sat, Dough is a newly-opened minimalistic Korean-inspired cafe located at CHIJMES.

Dough, also known as Dough Coffee, was larger than I expected and was painted in an immaculate sheet of white. As I was struggling to pick up the buns from the drawers (this was a struggle), I was reminded of Cafe Onion in Seoul. Maybe it was the foreknowledge of eating off the same tray used to collect our bread, but there was something about the air in Dough that was reminiscent of my cafe-hopping experience in Korea.

But, unlike Cafe Onion, Dough served mains that came across as commonplace at first glance. But upon closer inspection, we were intrigued. Take the Spicy Kimchi & Tomato (S$22) for example, an explicit infusion of Korean culture. Meanwhile, the more subtle addition could be seen in their Shrooms (S$22), a mushroom pasta dish perfumed with black garlic.

Other interesting elements that caught our eyes were the smoked chili maple in their Breakfast Platter (S$32) and spiced chipotle mango in their Wagyu Burger (S$26).

Bread Baked with Japanese and French Flour

The Strawberry Brioche (S$5) was eye-catching, baked with a crispy layer of meringue and rouged with dehydrated strawberries. Though it’s strange how faint the flavour was, and only slightly enhanced as you reached the centre where the strawberry jam laid. It would’ve been a disappointing factor, but it gives the whiff of basil an opportunity to shine. And if you know me, you know I absolutely love basil. Also, even though it was loaded with cream, it wasn’t cloying at all.

The Passionfruit Black Tea Cake (S$5) could be improved with a stronger tea flavour. But the balance between the tartness from the passionfruit and the lingering sweetness from the Madagascar vanilla was its saving grace. The layers of the sponge were also really moist.

For something savoury, you can choose between the Fougasse (S$5) and Smoked Duck Focaccia (S$6). Our delay in eating the Fougasse resulted in a texture that was impossible to cut through. But somehow, the bread remained decently fluffy. The Fougasse was baked with sun-dried tomato, olive, jalapeño and goat cheese, there were only hints of umami here and there. Most of the flavours were completely masked by the obtrusive spice of the jalapeño.

The espresso-based coffee starts from S$5 for White, S$4.5 for Black and S$6 for Mocha. Their Cold Brew costs S$6 for Black and S$7 for White. For a sweet treat, try their Affogato (S$7) that features a mix of Vanilla bean ice cream and Dough’s in-house espresso.

I chose from their selection of Single Origin. The Colombia Pink Bourbon (S$9) exuded a pronounced rum aroma which I noticed before the staff even set my drink down. 

Meanwhile, matcha purists might be disappointed to learn that their Matcha Latte (S$6) leaned towards the sweeter and creamier side. Alternatively, you could get their bread to-go, and brew your own matcha latte at home.


Alfresco seating at Dough Coffee, cafe at CHIJMES

S$5 for bread might be a little overpriced but it was a pretty enjoyable experience. And the ambience, albeit a little basic, screamed to me, especially the alfresco seating.

Location: 30 Victoria St, #01-30, Singapore 187996
Opening hours: 10am- 6pm


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