Savouring a good meal while marvelling the idyllic scenery at the Quayside Isle is one way to take a break after a hectic week of work.

This unique restaurant is a one space, two concepts dining area where Common Man Coffee Roasters transforms into Drunken Farmer in the evening.

Coffee turns into wine as dusk approaches. Including their own label, the Jousset Chenin Blanc, Drunk Farmer has over 31 wines to choose from. Indulge in an extensive list of natural wines at this bar and bistro while relishing some of the best sourdough pizzas in the vicinity.

Signature sourdough pizzas

Made from 160-year-old sourdough starter and fermented for 30 hours, their sourdough pizzas are to die for if you are in need of a hearty tummy filler. The pizza crust has a combination of chewy and crispy, and Drunken Farmer provides a range of delectable toppings to choose from.

My favourite was the Four Cheese Pizza ($28). It was topped with a ricotta base, mozzarella, Manchego, blue cheese, and fresh parsley. It was so cheesy and rich, and extremely flavourful even without additional meaty ingredients.

Another notable mention is the Shrooms and Goat Cheese Pizza ($22) — tomato base, creamy goat cheese, roasted portobello, smoked ham, topped with kale and light chili honey for an extra flavour boost. We love the balance between the saltiness of the smoked ham, and the earthy and tart flavours from the cheese.

Here’s a fanciful way of eating Grilled Veggies ($15). While not 100% comparable, mushrooms have a naturally meaty taste when cooked properly.

The grilled portobello steak is a prime example. The texture was bouncy and tender, with a light meaty note which was accentuated by their house-made barbecue beetroot dressing. Kale, roasted tomatoes and broccolinis, toasted pistachio, and fresh herbs were served on the side.

Other sharing dishes that goes with wine

For appetisers to share, give the Herbal French Fries ($10) a try. Tossed with paprika, crispy rosemary and thyme, you can expect a flavourful treat with a hint of spice.

The Creamy Stracciatella ($18) was served with heirloom tomatoes, fresh parsley oil, toasted pistachio, toasted rosemary and sourdough focaccia bread. The creamy texture and light flavours of the stracciatella was the perfect base for the other elements: the tangy tomatoes and balsamic glaze, the herbaceous oil, and the salty and nutty pistachio. In our opinion, it was the star of all cheeses.

The Prawn Sticks ($20) were made of black tiger prawns, and seasoned with smoked paprika aioli. They were fried to perfection — even the shells were edible.

The Sourdough Karaage ($20) took fried chicken to the next level. The chicken thigh is first marinated in a sourdough batter, which gentle tang was complemented with a kimchi mayo dip. Even the lemon wedge was coated with Korean chilli powder, which gave the fried chicken an additional kick.

If you are craving for some desserts, get your tummy filled with the Flourless Chocolate Cake ($18) to end the day. Even though the cake was gluten-free, it was quite moist and rich in flavour.

Drunken Farmer is a great place to catch up with your friends or colleagues over some yummy grub.

Drunken Farmer

Location: Quayside Isle 31 Ocean Way, #01-09. Singapore 098375
Opening hours: 6-10:30pm

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