When we gaze into the mirror, it is not uncommon to identify areas we wish to improve or flaws we hope to correct. However, most aesthetic treatments and surgeries often involve invasive procedures that carry the risk of undesirable side effects. What if there is a solution that could address these imperfections without the burdensome aftermath of conventional procedures?

If you are facing these common insecurities such as bloated face, uneven face contours, sunken cheeks, flat nose or double chin, these can all be recorrected with the usage of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) aesthetic procedures.

Another huge common concern is skin ageing. There is a common misconception that ageing starts from the skin, but that’s not true. The ageing process originates in the subcutaneous tissue, specifically the deep fascia layer, gradually progressing towards the muscle layer and eventually affecting the skin. Through Kuko TCM Aesthetic‘s innovative Fascia Resculpting technique, they stimulate the recovery mechanism present within the deep fascia layer and muscle layer to tighten muscles and improve blood circulation, thus rejuvenating your skin from within.

What is Fascia Resculpting?

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Facial Resculpting combines the latest theories of facial muscle analysis, expression analysis, facial meridians, and acupoints with practical expertise. Aili, the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Kuko TCM Aesthetic, has devoted extensive time to researching and honing this technique. While similar, it is important not to mistake Kuko TCM Aesthetic’s TCM techniques for the conventional bojin and gua sha methods, as the latter primarily focuses on skin detoxification through facial lymphatic massage.

Non-invasive alternative to western plastic surgery

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It is natural to harbour concerns such as “is this treatment safe?” or “are there any potential side effects?”

Being non-invasive, this technique offers a safe and effective alternative to Western plastic surgery for facial re-correction, without the need for modifying bone structure, use of injections or surgical procedures.

This remarkable treatment offers a multitude of benefits. Not only does it have the ability to slim down the face with long-lasting results, but it also aids in combating skin ageing, reducing wrinkles, and restoring a natural radiance to the skin. By stimulating the meridian acupoints, it can effectively address swelling in different areas by resolving meridian blockages. For concave areas, the treatment works to promote improved circulation of Qi and blood, tightening the skin and muscles to address the issue of concavity. These mentioned results are just a glimpse of the numerous positive effects that can be obtained through this treatment.

Photo: Kuko TCM Aesthetic

Kuko TCM Aesthetic has proven itself to be a remarkable presence in the realm of aesthetic treatments. Through their dedication to research, innovative techniques, and integration of TCM principles, they have successfully offered a unique approach that goes beyond superficial enhancements.

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