Have you heard? Cold press juice is the new matcha.

Frucci, located outside Plaza Singapara, offers all-natural, freshly-made cold pressed juices at an affordable price.

The standalone fruit juice stall is decked in white, with embellishments of rattan and wood. It’s minimalistic, and exudes a Korean-cafe sorta vibe.

Fruit juice, or miracle juice?

Priced at roughly $1 cheaper than the average price, Frucci’s menu is categorised by function: Energy, Protect, Healer and Beauty. The drinks in each category are specially formulated to emphasise a specific health benefit.

For instance, Beet Power ($6.7), comprising green apple, pineapple, and beetroot, aims to energise the consumer, either as a pre or post-workout drink, or simply as a mid-day drink to fuel your day.

Beet Power

Part of the Beauty series, The Fountain of Pineapple Youth ($5.9), is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and bromelain content which does wonders to the skin.

Why cold-pressed, instead of blending?

Cold-pressed juices aren’t just an overhyped gimmick. They do taste better, since the final product exclude the astringent pulps and fibers of the ingredients. But, the main benefit of cold-pressed juices is its enhanced nutritions.

When you blend fruits and vegetables, the process of cutting the ingredients over and over again with a heated blade destroys some of the nutrients.

That being said, humans do need fibers in their diet, which can be found in their Smoothies series.

Gym rats can opt for the Chocolate Mood Lifter ($5.9), which is essentially a chocolate banana shake, after their workout. Vanilla and chocolate protein powder can be added on for $2.

Frucci is conveniently located right outside Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station

Meanwhile, my personal favourite, the Avocado Recovery ($6.9) was unbelievably smooth. Like most avocado drinks, a secondary ingredient is used to bring out its milder flavours; most of the time, bananas. While bananas are part of the recipe, the ambrosial aroma of their natural honey shone through here, bestowing the drink with a syrupy, sweet flavour that was accentuated by the maltiness of oat milk.

For the health-conscious, don’t worry. No additional sugar is added in all of Frucci’s drinks.


Location: 68 Orchard Rd, #01-K1, Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 9028 1513
Opening hours:

*This article is written in partnership with Frucci, but all opinions are of my own

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