An Oppa is more than just an older guy friend, Hongdae Oppa states. It could refer to someone who makes you feel at ease or a place that makes you feel cozy. And that’s exactly the kind of restaurant this is. Hongdae Oppa’s menu is pretty extensive but we’re only going to talk about their S$15 ramyeon.

S$15 ramyeon? Sign me up!

The Oppa Ramyeon (S$14.9) included minced pork, luncheon meat, seaweed, onion, enoki, zucchini, egg and marinated meat. A generous amount of toppings for S$14.9. The spicy soup had a rather light and refreshing taste, reminiscent of the one from Kim Dae Mun.

With its flashy neon pink and yellow design, you wouldn’t think that their food would have such restrained seasonings.

I would’ve expected the Bean Paste Ramyeon to have a more umami flavor. But, while it was blander than expected, I surprisingly enjoyed it. I also preferred the toppings for this one, with kimchi dumplings instead of luncheon meat and an egg.

Their Crispy Pork Belly (S$7.9) was something that would’ve been my go-to drinking snack if I wasn’t allergic to alcohol. Crispy, with a good blend of texture from the lean and fatty parts. You would expect a good amount of extra saltiness for dishes like this. Again, it wasn’t overly seasoned, which was something I really appreciated here.


Hongdae Oppa’s different from most Korean restaurants I’ve eaten at. It’s not as flavor-packed, savory, umami… But, it tasted like home. Maybe it was the intense noodles craving I had, or it was from my fatigue from after a day’s worth of work. Regardless of what it was, there’s one thing that remained true. And that it was a damn satisfying bowl of Ramyeon.

Location: Plaza Singapura #B2-47, 68 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 9181 3038
Opening hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm

Location: Jurong Point, #03-56, 63 Jurong west central 3
Tel: +65 9169 5817
Opening hours: 10:30am – 10:00pm


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