Take salads to a whole new level with these funky salad vegetables.

Archisen’s flagship brand, Just Produce, carries a variety of salads and speciality herbs. These aren’t your basic lettuce or micro greens. Instead, they choose to pursue bold flavour palates.

From left to right: Mustard, Ice Plant, and Sorrel

Their Ice Plant is succulent and crunchy, with a unique salty taste. Meanwhile, for more intense flavours, the Sorrel has a refreshing and tangy bite, and the Mustard is reminiscent of wasabi.

Easy salad recipes


We paired the Ice Plant with honey-glazed peach and burrata. The sweetness of the peaches and creaminess of the burrata contrasts the salty and crunchy aspect of the salad.

Archisen has also recommended other recipes to enjoy their produce. For instance, pairing the spicy Mustard leaves with bakkwa in a croissant, and preparing a scallop crudo with a mixture of Ice Plant and Sorrel.

About Archisen 

Archisen is a local agritech firm who’s core value centres around ensuring top-level quality in every harvest by utilising Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA). With this, Archisen is able to configure the most conducive environment- temperature, humidity, light intensity, and composition of air- for the respective crops.

Additionally, their farm produce is pesticide-free and heavy metal-free as audited regularly by Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

In terms of sustainability, their hydroponic system allows Archisen to save 90% more water than traditional farming, as their plants grow in a solution of water and nutrients instead of soil.

Just Produce’s salads can be purchased from a variety of online and in-person stores, including RedMart and FairPrice.


*This article is written in collaboration with Just Produce, but all opinions are of my own

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