In light of the upcoming Hari Raya Puasa, look forward to this year’s bigger and better Ramadan celebration with Raikan Cahaya Ramadan at Kampong Gelam.

From 15 March to 16 April 2023, celebrate thirty-three days of lights and community in light of Hari Raya Puasa at Singapore’s upcoming biggest Ramadan Bazaar, with over 100 food stalls and retail stores selling craft items curated by independent artisans.

This year’s festival is split into five districts across Kampong Glam. Indulgent treats, exquisite handicrafts and dazzling performances, here is what you can expect from this year’s Raikan Cahaya Ramadan at Kampong Gelam.

Photo: Kampong Gelam

Traditional & trendy food

With up to 86 food stalls, you can indulge and feast on a variety of local delicacies and treats. You will surely be spoilt of food choices between traditional and trendy picks from a mix of vibrant and colourful food trucks and outdoor grills. Enjoy traditional classics including Kuih Raya, satay or local seafood. There will also be spacious outdoor seating area including a 2-storey mezzanine to accommodate to the crowd.

The proud owners of Off Day Coffee ready to serve ~

The food stalls occupy Baghdad Street, Kandahar Street, and the spot outside Sultan Gate, and here are some stalls that we recommend:

  • Picanhas’ (philly steak and steak & mash)
  • Off Day Coffee (coffee, watermelon milk, solero)
  • Bang Bang (Korean fried chicken, jjajangmyeon, tteok-bokki)
  • O’Braim (mini donuts)
  • House of Mandi (lamb and chicken mandi, baklava)
  • Ministry of Rojak (coconut fritter, mee goreng, tulang with bread)

The best dish we got at the store was Picanhas’ Philly Steak ($14). It was not the most traditional, as the steak was pulled rather than sliced up and roughly chopped. But, it tasted great. The pulled picanhas was juicy, a little fatty. It’s paired with chili con carne for a nice kick, sautéed onions and nacho cheese sauce.

Picanhas Philly Steak

For a unique drink for the evening, head down to Off Day Coffee. Although specialising in coffee, you can find interesting options such as Watermelon Milk ($6.5), Solero ($6.5), and Soda Gembira ($5.5). In addition to their usual White ($5) and Black ($4), try their ramadan special — Dirty Bandung ($6).

Handmade crafts

Shop till you drop at 23 different retail booths offering craft collectibles and fashionable items curated by independent creatives. You can find traditional crafts, modern arts, and local brands; all are scattered amongst the food stalls.

Moment projection & aerial light shows (Fridays to Sundays)

On weekends only, immerse yourself in the impressive and uplifting moment projection featuring the iconic facade of the Masjid Sultan, as well as the evolving arts and culture of Kampong Gelam.

Be thrown away with multiple aerial light showcases utilising drone-controlled LED kites with brightly coloured lightings and celebrate the festive moment with micro light installations that enhances the vibrancy of the atmosphere in the holy month of Ramadan. You can also expect colourful backdrops and fairylights welcoming you to the bazaar together with special Raikan Cahaya Ramadan Arcs.


The bazaar will surely keep you entertained with various live performances, traditional dances and live dialogues. Remember to head over to the main stage right by the Baghdad Street carpark to soak in the lively atmosphere while munching on your delicious bites.

Photo: Kampong Gelam

Mass iftar & charity drive

One Kampong Gelam will be holding a Mass Iftar on 1 April along Arab Street. Attendees can purchase tables in advance for their own Iftar, or pay-it-forward for beneficiaries of the Mosque Sultan Community Chest and Jalan Besar GRC. You can also do your part in paying back to the community and contribute to the charity drive from 7 to 16 April (4-8pm) at 45 Sultan Gate, where you can donate pre-loved clothes, non-perishable foods and home essentials for the less fortunate.

Photo: Kampong Gelam

Kampong Gelam

Date: 15 March-16 April, 6:30pm onwards

Location: Kampong Gelam neighborhood (near Bugis MRT station)
Opening hours: 6:30pm onwards

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