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Is Korio closed?

Yes. Unfortunately, one of the best doughnut and breakfast sandwich shop in Singapore, and cafes at Telok Ayer, is permanently closed.

But, if you’re keen to find out what the hype’s about, or just to simply reminisce the good old time when Korio was still around, read on.

Our honest review of Korio

What do you get when you cross a sandwich and donut takeaway shop? You get Korio.

Located at Telok Ayer, Korio serves an assortment of brioche donuts and grilled sandwiches.

Brooklyn-inspired donuts

Original Glaze donut from Korio

By far the fluffiest donuts we’ve tried, Korio’s donuts are the kinds of rings I’d use to propose in the future. The choice of brioche gives the donuts a fuller flavour, as well as a softer texture.

Their Original Glazed was slightly less sweet compared to Krispy Kreme’s. But its incorporation of nutmeg in the dough elevated the overall flavour.

Meanwhile, Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate, despite its decadent appearance, had the right amount of sweetness. A good earthy note from the chunky peanuts and the rich flavours of the chocolate drizzle were surprisingly not cloying.

As of 2021, they’ve replaced this item with Chocolate & Peanuts, essential a chocolate glaze with roasted peanuts on top. However, the chocolate glaze tasted flat.

korio box of 4 donuts, korio donut flavours

The same goes for their 70% Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Pearls, since the glaze used was consistent throughout their menu.

The White Chocolate Coconut with Hazelnuts had potential but was poorly executed.

There could have been more harmony between the white chocolate and coconut; a nice aroma, followed by a creamy, sweet white chocolate. But the former overpowered the latter. While the chopped hazelnuts was a nice touch to the donuts, it could have been nuttier.

caramelized biscuits donuts from korio

The Caramelised Biscuit had the perfect sweetness level. With the expectation of it tasting like Biscoff spread, thus incredibly decadent, I was met with a light caramel flavour.

Instagrammable grilled cheese

Besides donuts, Korio is also home to the best breakfast sandwiches.

Grilled Cheese with sourdough at Korio

The Grilled Cheese ($14) was paired with a tangy sourdough, complemented with a jammy, slightly tart, acted as a counterbalance to the decadent melty cheese.

Was I a lover of cheese? Yes. However, this was simply too much cheese for one person to handle. I would recommend sharing this with a friend.

korio breakfast sammy, korio sandwiches

Next, the Breakfast Sammy ($14) sees a completely new set of ingredients. Eggy, fluffy brioche slices, with a creamy egg mayo slathered on, and a slice of savoury luncheon meat snuggled between. A classic flavour with nothing to complain about.

Our verdict

I heard that there was a soar in prices of the grilled cheese, that used to be $7. Regardless, I am more than willing to pay the $13 for the grilled cheese. For the donuts, I could give them a skip as I am an avid fan of the Original Glaze, which although Korio’s was pretty interesting with its addition of nutmeg, my heart still lies with Krispy Kreme.

If you’re planning to get the donuts, I highly recommend pre-ordering them online as they’re usually sold out within an hour of opening. Same goes for their sandwiches. I went there at 12pm once and half of their options were already sold out.

Location: 135 Amoy St, #01-03, Singapore 049964
Tel: +65 9771 6491
Opening hours:
Mon- Sat: 8am- 4pm
Sunday: Closed

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