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Our first impression of the Bearded Bella’s menu: adventurous but balanced, with a delicate touch retaining the familiar aspects of a classic brunch dish. The outcome? One of the best brunches you’ll ever have at Tanjong Pagar.

The Best Brunch

Bearded Bella menu - pancake bacon flight magic

Pancake. Bacon. Flight. Magic (S$23). An incoherent name. But how can we blame the founders of Bearded Bella for christening this dish as such, when the flavours are that mindblowing.

Fluffy, maple-infused hotcakes with just the right sweetness and texture; the maple syrup didn’t result in a cloying and soggy pancake. There was just enough gold to seep through the cracks of your tastebuds to lightly sweeten up your palate. 

Of course, not forgetting the poor slices of bacon who had been suspended during our long photoshoot. The savoury element provided a good balance to the hotcakes. To me, the highlight of the dish was indubitably the hotcakes. I personally prefer to eat them separately to properly savour them. My friends, on the other hand, chose to eat them with bacon.

eggs Benedict, pig & eggs, breakfast,

[UNAVAILABLE] If you like Egg Benedict, you’re going to love their Pig & Eggs (S$23). Instead of the classic parm and smoked salmon, Bearded Bella paired this dish with a slow-cooked pork jowl. This cooking process results in tender, juicy pork cheeks which disintegrate in your mouth despite its rigid appearance. For comparison, it tastes just like a fattier, less salty chashu from Sanshoku’s Dry Truffle Ramen.

Moreover, despite the richness of the pork cheeks and hollandaise, the slight tang of the pickled daikon managed to serrate the decadence. Otherwise, it would’ve been excessively greasy.

scrambled eggs on toast, breakfast, bearded Bella menu, bearded Bella spiced scramble

If you’re more conservative when it comes to trying new food, Bearded Bella also has more basic options such as the Spiced Scramble (S$18). Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, kale and sourdough toast, with a generous drizzle of black truffle oil to elevate the aroma. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

However, with the two other dishes taking the spotlight, the Spiced Scramble is something that I wouldn’t pick.

Best Coffee in Tanjong Pagar?

With the title of Singapore National Barista Championship 2016 in their hands, we wanted to order one of their bolder options.

coffee at Tanjong Pagar, bearded Bella coffee

Their Coffee Punch (S$6.5) is a cold brew immersed with diced fruits. Acidic, fresh with a subtle kick of sweetness from the fruits. I have to give it to them. It certainly is a unique taste. However, on hindsight, I should’ve ordered a simpler coffee, like a latte or long black, to properly savour their house roast. Perhaps, another time.

But, we do have some solid recommendations for the best coffee at Tanjong Pagar, such as Flash Coffee and Equate Coffee.


bearded Bella cafe, cafe at Tanjong Pagar

Bearded Bella has won our hearts over with its perfectly executed brunch menu and sunlit cafe. If you’re planning to visit, it’s highly recommended to make a reservation.

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Location: 8 Craig Rd, Singapore 089668
Tel: +65 9880 0775
Opening hours: 7:30am- 5pm (Mon – Thur); 7:30am- 10:30pm (Fri); 7:30am- 6pm (Weekends)


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