Chicken collagen, a famed elixir with beauty-enhancing properties. Located in Tanjong Pagar, Kure Menya is a modern ramen joint that offers a comforting and affordable bowl of collagen-based ramen from S$11.9.

Collagen or Stock?

One of my biggest doubts, whenever any restaurant claims that they’re serving collagen dishes, is ‘how much of it is actually collagen’. 

Well, Kure Menya passed the test, but barely. The soup base had a creamy texture but had a dull flavor. It just tasted like it was missing something. I found that adding chili to it helps to compensate for the lack of seasoning.

We got the Tori Fest Ramen ($17.9) which had a tori chashu, tori sukiyaki and the soft-boiled egg. The meat was tender, but just like the soup, it was slightly under-seasoned. 

For the sides, we had the Cheesy Gyoza (S$6.8). It was properly fried and cheesy but nothing really special about it.


If I were craving ramen, this wouldn’t be enough to satisfy me simply because there are just better options out there with more robust flavours for roughly the same price. For example, Suparakki’s Tonkotsu Ramen (S$7.9) or Keisuke’s Tonkotsu King. However, this conclusion is made based on a personal biased towards more heavy-flavoured ramen. If you like lighter flavours such as shio or shoyu ramen, this could be a good choice for you!

On the other hand, judging this as a chicken-collagen dish, it’s a pass from me. True enough, the flavour can be stronger. But it has that signature creamy texture that a good chicken collagen should have and you can get their cheapest bowl of ramen for S$11.9 to satisfy your collagen cravings.

Side note: this is halal so if you’re with Muslim friends, this isn’t such a bad choice. But, you’d do better with other recommendations at Tanjong Pagar.

For more collagen dishes, check out our review on Tsukada Nojo’s Bijin Nabe, a chicken collagen hotpot place.

Location: 182 Cecil Street Frasers Tower #02-11, 069547
Opening hours: 11am- 9:30pm


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