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Pong! Gang! Chi!

As much as we would love to chi (win) every round, let’s face it, we’re all mahjong noobs here. But, here’s a something that you can chi (eat) whenever you want this Chinese New Year (CNY).

Baker’s Brew, the leading cake shop in Singapore, has finally released this year’s Heng Heng series — cakes and cupcakes that are inspired by mahjong.

Mahjong cupcakes and cakes

The pioneers of mahjong-themed desserts in Singapore, Baker’s Brew Heng Heng Mahjong Cupcakes ($36.8) are low in sugar and baked with premium ingredients. Available flavours include Blissful Berries, Chocolate, Earl Grey Lavender, and more.

You can get them as a Box of 6 or a Box of 12 (+$38). All are designed in everyone’s favourite “da pai”.

But if that’s not huat enough for you, maybe the “Da San Yuan” Mahjong Cupcakes ($38.8), or the “13 幺” Cupcakes ($98.8) will do the trick.

Disclaimer: buying these cupcakes will not guarantee a “da san yuan” or “13 幺”. But it will guarantee a satisfied stomach.

Baker’s Brew highly-acclaimed mahjong series is also available in cake form. You can purchase a one-tier cake with mahjong tile fondants for $188, or go big, and impress your guests with the Heng Heng Mahjong Table ($368).

If mahjong isn’t your sport, you can order the 21 Blackjack Cupcakes ($36.8) or Poker-themed Cake ($168) instead.

Get $8 off all celebratory cakes and cupcakes with the quote <$8OFF_CNY23> when you check out before 12 February.

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