Cyro (electroporation technology)

You know what is scarier than acne? Those pesky zits and clogged pores that won’t go away on their own after using face masks. Maskne is the new acne— redder and more prominent, considerably one of the greatest skin concern in 2021. Normal acne treatments just won’t cut it anymore. Let’s freeze it, and zap it away.

The Premium Maskne Freeze Facial is My Cozy Room’s newest treatment for Maskne or severe acne.

Best facial in Singapore

Cyro (electroporation technology)

Are you really an avid facial spa-goer if you haven’t heard of My Cozy Room Facial Spa? Just a quick search on Google and you’ll probably catch their name on almost every article. ‘Best facial’, ‘best extraction facial’, ‘best acne facial’…

Satisfied customers have also shared their enjoyable experience with My Cozy Room’s acne facial treatments. Most applaud them for their meticulous and gentle extraction skills, which results in minimal pain and redness.

Freeze your Maskne away

Enjoy this totally new experience which is exclusively available at My Cozy Room, where you are treated to a Premium Maskne Freeze Facial to freeze your Maskne away (literally).

The two-hour session started off with a skin analysis by a professional consultant. After identifying the main problems of my skin, she double cleansed with their in-house BABOR Hy-Ol and Phytoactive Cleanser to thoroughly remove any oil and impurities. Next, the therapist exfoliated my face with a Papaya Lactic & Enzyme Mask to remove dead skin cells. The process was much gentler compared to typical exfoliating scrubs, which feels harsh against my skin.

After steaming, my face was treated to a thorough extraction to gently remove clogged pores and acne. Despite experiencing some mild discomfort on certain areas with very stubborn acne, the overall process was indeed bearable with minimal pain. The therapist really had an eye for detail, as she scrutinised every single pore to ensure that nothing was left out. To quicken the healing process, the High Frequency Treatment sterilised the extracted wounds.

Here’s the star highlight of the treatment. To effectively treat Maskne, Cyro, also known as electroporation technology (freezing cold at -10°C) was used to massage over BABOR Cellulose Balancing Mask, which helps to penetrate the serum of the mask into my skin for optimal effect. This freezing sensation was not only soothing and rejuvenating, it was also effective in reducing inflammation and redness especially for sensitive skin type like mine.

The luxurious treatment was completed with a freezing cold mask infused with peppermint extract that hardened up for pore tightening effect. The ultra cold mask also refreshed and calmed my skin while treating breakouts simultaneously.

Before & after Results

Immediately after the treatment, my skin was considerably much more radiant than before, and pores were visibly reduced in size with a smoother finish. Most importantly, my Maskne and clogged pores were gone! There were some mild redness immediately, but they subsided within 24 hours and I felt like my skin had a breath of fresh air.

Before and after Maskne Freeze Facial

Maskne begone!

It’s pretty obvious that most of the bumpy Maskne have been eradicated after enjoying this Premium Maskne Freeze Facial from My Cozy Room, and the effects were quite long-lasting as well! As compared to the Premium Anti-Acne LED Facial that I’ve tried before; While both treatments are effective in targeting serious acne and Maskne, the Premium Maskne Freeze Facial was a more luxurious spa-like experience with freezing cold sensation on my skin. In terms of reducing the size of my pores, the latter did a better job too.

Overall, it was a really enjoyable and comforting experience. The additional short but intensive massage also relieved some tension from my stiff neck and shoulders, which was a sweet bonus to the facial.

First-time visit to My Cozy Room?

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Enjoy 50% off their Premium Maskne Freeze Facial (U.P. $388, 120 minutes)
*Valid for first-time customers residing in Singapore only

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