meeth Morerich Pack Facial Mask set with gel

Looking for an effective remedy for your skin? meeth’s Morerich Pack repairs dull, dry, oily and loose skin in just 20 minutes.

Led by Japanese celebrity Sonmi, meeth is a Japanese skincare brand that combines gentle, skin-nourishing ingredients with groundbreaking innovation.

meeth Morerich Pack Facial Mask set with gel
Sold in packs of 7, each mask costs $25, which is more expensive than their Morerich Pack Experience

The Morerich Pack is packed with pear juice ferment filtrate and their patented carbonated powder to firm up the skin and replenish the moisture barrier. With just that one product and 20 minutes, your skin will be blessed with a healthy glow and a clean and light feeling.

Those who are looking for a quick perk-me-up before an event, or if you’re just planning to try the mask before buying the whole pack, can head down to their outlet at Plaza Singapura for the Morerich Pack Experience ($20).


The experience takes place at a secluded corner within meeth’s store.

Start by cleansing your skin with the Foaming Facial Cleanser, while the staff prepares the solution for the mask. The Morerich Pack comes in two sachets. To activate the healing properties of the mask, the staff first mixed the powder into the gel sachet, before stirring it vigorously.

The mask has a cooling and fizzy sensation. It also deep cleanses the skin without drying out the skin. After 20 minutes, I felt that my skin was completely refreshed.

Skin condition before (left) and after (right) treatment

This wasn’t just a placebo effect. The staff measured my skin’s colour, moisture, oiliness and firmness before and after the experience. As seen from the photo, my skin became more hydrated and firm afterwards.

After removing the mask, which peels off easily, feel free to use any of their sample products to finish your cleansing routine. I applied the Morerich Essential Lotion, which comprises mineral-rich water from Hokkaido, for a pop of colour and to lock in the moisture. Another popular product, the Twelement Day Cream, is a lightweight cream that is formulated to suit all skin types.

Simply head down their store at Plaza Singapura,

Location: 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, #01-58, Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6910 3456
Opening hours: 11am-8:30pm (weekdays), 11am-9:30pm (weekend)


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