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Sourdough has been steadily stretching its influence in Singapore, especially with the ceaseless entries of new cafes. But finding a good sourdough is no easy feat. A needle in a haystack, some may say. What defines a good sourdough? Micro Bakery, one of the more renown bakeries in Singapore, might be able to answer you that.


What makes a sourdough, sourdough? Most types of bread uses commercial active yeast, whereas sourdough is dependent on wild yeast, which is the agent responsible for its prominent tang. Don’t be mistaken. The distinctive sourness doesn’t come directly from the yeast. But rather, the lactic and acetic acids birthed from the environmental bacteria which works on the flour’s sugar.

When you step foot into Micro Bakery, the first thing that hits you isn’t the door. Jokes aside, that’s exactly how potent the aroma is, wafting through the air, seeping through the cracks of the doors and windows of their establishment, luring passerby into their den. And before you know it, you’ve already placed an order.

Basic brunch items… but Sourdough.

Truth be told, I wasn’t too impressed with the menu. They’re very basic brunch items that you can easily make at home. Avocado toast, been there. Cherry tomatoes on ricotta, done that. What we don’t have in our pantry, is the signature Micro Bakery sourdough loaves.

The most appealing thing on Micro Bakery’s menu was probably the Scrambled Free Range Egg Tartine ($14). Glorious folds, with literally liquid gold trapped between the layers of eggs. It was a perfect consistency, the scrambled egg that every egg dreams to grow up to be. On the side were charred mushrooms coated with basil walnut pesto.

micro bakery review, micro bakery red, tomatoes and ricotta on toast, ricotta toast

On the other hand, the House Ricotta Tartine (12) was quite a letdown. Micro Bakery delivered what they promised. It was topped with blistered cherry tomatoes, a handful of wild greens and ricotta that was slightly creamier than ricotta should be (not an issue though).

Micro Bakery makes their own ricotta, rendering a light, airy and smooth consistency. In all, the flavours were gentle; a good palate cleanse. But there wasn’t that ‘oomph’ factor that would make me think about it on sleepless nights.

Side note: I do wish their sourdough had a crispier crust.

Change my mind but sourdough has to be the perfect vessel for grilled cheese. Micro Bakery’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($13) is delicately balanced by the sharpness of cheddar, grassy notes of brie and tartness from the sauerkraut. Mozzarella is also added for a stringier cheese-pull. The flavours were complex and rich without bordering decadence.

$7 for Fresh Kaya Toast might seem excessive. This slightly extravagant Kaya Toast was aggressively infused with pandan and perfumed with shaved coconut flakes atop. Considering the location, it’s a reasonable price. But it’s not a dish that I’d travel to Micro Bakery for.


Got a Hot Flat White (S$5) with their Guatemala roast. The ceramic cup was beautiful but I did wish that the tasting notes were more prominent!


For an amateur home cook, I would probably get a loaf of sourdough and cook up a meal myself instead of dining in at Micro Bakery. That is the more economical choice. But, it’s really just around S$13 so it’s not exactly a rip-off. Furthermore, comfortable seats, moody low lights, the alluring perfume of bread… it’s not a bad place to gossip over brunch with a friend.

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Location: 63 E Coast Rd, #01-06, Singapore 428776
Tel: +65 8879 4890
Opening hours: 8:30am – 4pm (Wed – Fri); 8:30am – 5pm (Sat – Sun); closed on Mon and Tue

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