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As the world ages, it seems that people have forgotten the true purpose of life. They’ve been too caught up in the rat race, rushing from point to point, battling day and night in our cutthroat society. Meditation, exercise, naps, maybe a little oregano, purge anxiety and stress from one’s carcass. But, they’re relatively time-consuming.

Perhaps, using essential oils is the only answer in this day and age. In this article, I will be sharing with you how I use Pristine Aroma essential oils to unwind.

Benefits of essential oils

There’s no end to the number of benefits that essential oils have- anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antifungal. It’s also a great home remedy to a handful of problems such as insomnia, migraines and stress.

Lavender is the most common recommendation for insomnia and it’s also the one that I use the most, although there are other choices such as Chamomile, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. It might be just a placebo effect but I do find that it helps improve the quality of my sleep.

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For the typical stressed-out students or working class, consider diffusing Peppermint essential oil or directly massaging it on your temples to cure your migraines and boost productivity.

Lastly, those plagued with acne, or the new kid on the block Maskne, can use Tea Tree as a natural home remedy for its anti-inflammatory properties to control your breakouts.

But do they work?

Like all other wellness products, essential oils do have their own band of sceptics. Does it even work? Is it even real? And what are the side effects? It’s almost as if they have associated essential oils with witchcraft but it is no sorcery. It’s nature.

Essential oils are extracted particles from various parts of plants, including the flower, leaves, stem and bark to create a concentrated solution.

There are numerous studies that have displayed the effectiveness of essential oils as home remedies. But ultimately, it boils down to how legitimate the brand is. As an occasional user of essential oils, I am also sceptical when it comes to new brands of essential oils, which is why I’m glad that Pristine Aroma offers samples.

The Pristine Scent Sample ($3.9) comes in the form of diffuser sticks soaked in 11 different scents, which are packed individually to prevent contamination. Its original purpose is for you to try out their different scents so that you can make a more informed choice when buying, which is why it includes scents from their Garden, Hotel and Signature series: Lavender, Sakura, White Freesia, Japanese Ryokan, Maldives Villa, Himalayan Tea, etc.

Do note that the minuscule amount of essential oils in the samples may not be sufficient for you to fully experience the benefits. But, if you’re a frequent user, you might be able to tell if it’s good quality.

Pristine Aroma review

As mentioned above, Lavender is pretty much the only scent that I use to get better sleep at night. Previously, I would either use a diffuser or add a few drops of the elixir to my pillowcase. This time, I got the 50ml Reed Diffuser from Pristine Aroma for $19.9, which is more convenient. It comes in a cute little glass jar with five reed sticks.

The website states that it takes 12 hours for the diffuser to reach its full potential but, the fragrance is potent enough after one. It probably does get gradually stronger as time goes by but I couldn’t tell as I was already accustomed to the scent. One tip is to get a few different scents for different rooms in your house!

You can also flip the reeds after 12 hours for maximum diffusion or leave them on if you want a milder fragrance.

For more information on how to maximize reed diffusers, you can check out Pristine Aroma’s guide.

Before checking out, I decided to try their Himalayan Tea ($23.9) as well. One of their Signature Scents, the Himalayan Tea includes a blend of white tea, mugworts, bergamot, bitter orange cardamom, roses and jasmine.

It has a balanced profile that’s shared between citrus, floral and woody. The vibrant notes of lemon and oranges are the first that attacks your sensation. It’s all you get in the initial whiff; robust and roaring like a summer carnival ride. Then, the floral notes kick in. Gentle, alluring, it pulls you away from the boisterous stings of citrus. Beneath it all, a gentle thrum of a warm woody aroma that ties the scents down.

Hotel Scents

One other thing that really caught my eye was their Hotel Scents. Basically, scents that remind you of the various boutique hotels around the world such as Maldives Villa, English Countryinn, Japanese Ryokan and Swiss Château. For example, the Swiss Château Hotel Scent features a unique blend of Raspberry, Lily of the valley, White Flower, Rose & Cedarwood.

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*This article is written in collaboration with Pristine Aroma. Photo credits: Pristine Aroma

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