Magnetic fibreglass window mesh to keep insects out of your house. InsectOut Magnetic Insect Screen Window Mesh

Cockroaches and lizards in your house? You’re going to wanna read this.

No matter how hard you try to keep your home clean and tidy, you still can’t get rid of pesky insects. It’s not your fault though. You could just be living near the rubbish chute or on a lower level of your building. Nonetheless, it’s

A window mesh is perhaps one of the most important home essential to get for your home, especially for those who are plagued by common household insects like cockroaches, lizards, flying ants and mosquitos. Of all the window mesh in Singapore, InsectOut Magnetic Insect Screen Window Mesh stands out with its sheer number of good reviews online.

But how effective is it? We’ll test it out.

Is the InsectOut Magnetic Insect Screen Window Mesh effective?

The answer is — yes.

Magnetic Insect Screen Window Mesh uses a thin but durable fibreglass mesh. Its intertwined in a way to keep pests that are as tiny as a mosquito out of your home.

More importantly, its choice of material and design allows the mesh to remain unobtrusive in your home. From afar, you can barely tell that its there. Airflow is also preserved, allowing you to let in some wind and fresh air into your home.

Friends who have visited my house did not even notice the mesh until I brought it up

Easy to install and clean

Before you get the wrong idea, the window mesh is not permanent. The edges of InsectOut’s window mesh is made of a flexible magnetic frame. This allows you to easy stick the mesh on and off your window frame.

In terms of cleaning it, simple wipe it with wet lint-free microfibre cloth or vacuum to remove any dust. For deep cleaning, you can also just remove the insect screen window mesh from the window and give it a good rinsing, with or without detergent.

To open or close your windows, simply remove one corner of the window mesh and stick your arm out

Custom sizes for all the windows in your home

Unsure about whether the InsectOut Magnetic Insect Screen Window Mesh is suitable for your home? Simply drop InsectOut’s team a call.

We’ve enquired before and we find their customer service team very informative and helpful. We sent them some photos of our windows, and they came over for a site visit within a week to take measurements.

InsectOut Magnetic Insect Screen Window Mesh is suitable for any types of windows, whether it’s in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or toilet.

Great service

The overall service is impeccable. Like what TC from InsectOut told me, “we do not have customers, only friends.”

They live up to their mission with their sincere and friendly attitude. The last thing you want is to deal with frustration from bad service. From their non-pushy sales, quality product and excellent after service, it’s not a surprise how they were able to achieve raving 5-star reviews on their Facebook and Google page!

About InsectOut

InsectOut provides people with a safe and long-term solution for keeping insects out (literally what they are named after).

The magnetic insect screen window mesh not only prevents insects such as cockroaches, lizards, mosquitoes, midges, moths, etc from entering your house windows, but it also prevents your pet cats from jumping off your flat through the windows.


Tel: +65 8242 9595

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