Is Asian Rad Afters closed?

Yes. Asian Rad Afters is permanently closed as of 2024. It has been replaced by Going Om, one of the more popular cafes along Bali Lane.

But, if you’re still keen to read on about one of the most Instagrammable cafes in Singapore in 2019, here’s our honest review of the Tiffany blue cafe.

Our honest review of Asian Rad Afters

Situated just around the corner of Bali lane is a chic and modern ice-cream cafe painted in a gorgeous shade of Tiffany blue. It’s hard to get miss as you walk along the street.

Originally from Osaka, Japan, Asian Rad Afters offers Instagrammable egglet waffle ice cream and a colourful ombré tea series.

The cafe exudes a touch of vintage style. Floral elements and a exquisite bird cage adorns the corner. Meanwhile, pictures of their menu items are bordered in luxe gold vintage frames on the walls.

It’s best to visit this cafe during the weekday afternoons as the cafe has limited seats.

While the whole menu certainly looks appealing enough, we chose one of the Singapore-exclusive flavours from the given choices (because we’re that patriotic). The Peranakan Road ($12.5) is a coconut ice-cream with original waffle, topped with purple sweet potato cream, mango, dragon fruit and fruity loops.

Texture wise, the waffle was aptly dense and fluffy, as it was also freshly made to order. If you find the waffles rather familiar, yes you’re right. This pretty dessert is actually a modern rendition of the street style Hong Kong egglet, which is also known as 鸡蛋仔.


Unfortunately, the ice-cream fell short in terms of its texture with its ice-y bits. but the overall taste with the right amount of sweetness complemented the crispy hot waffle impeccably. After all, it’s rather difficult to relish the taste of a good old street cart egglet nowadays.

In addition to its signature ice-cream choices, they also serve refreshing artisan tea with ombré hues.

We picked the Kuta Beach Sunset, which has a slight resemblance to fruit punch.

Asian Rad Afters

Location: 33 Bali Ln, Singapore 189869 (Permanently Closed)

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