flatlay of candour coffee drinks with different flavors such as cold brew white and black, mocha and Hojicha latte

Is Candour Coffee closed? Yes this cold brew delivery service in Singapore is permanently closed.

Our honest review of Candour Coffee

Cold brew coffee has been increasingly popular especially during the circuit breaker period. Of course, we’ve certainly had our fair share of this refreshing caffeine-packed treat. With a whopping number of 16 flavors, Candour Coffee offers islandwide delivery, the perfect choice during this pandemic.

Coffee review

I prefer white over black coffees but the Black Cold Brew really won me over. It had an initial fruity sweetness and a zesty aftertaste. However, it was slightly more acidic than what I expected a cold brew to be. But I wasn’t really bothered by it.

Surprisingly, and strangely, their White Cold Brew reminded me of bottled Pokka coffee. It was very creamy, and slightly sweet too. I sent them a message to clarify they add syrup or any form of sweeteners but it doesn’t seem like they’ll respond soon.

I had the same comments for their Sea Salt Caramel Coffee, since it’s practically white cold brew with caramel syrup added. However, the caramel exceeded expectations. It was extremely salty (I loved it but M didn’t), with a lingering aftertaste. 

Moving on, their Mocha took me by surprise. It had a velvety texture with a zesty aftertaste that balanced the richness of the cocoa powder.

Latte review

Lastly, their Hojicha Latte had an intense flavor but fell short due to its grimy texture. The drink was so saturated with hojicha that my tongue was coated with undiluted powder after swallowing. In Shakespearean, that’s how the beach feels like as the ocean transitions to low tide, leaving pebbles and shellfish in its path (my tongue is the beach and the pebbles and shellfish are the hojicha powder. Poetic, I know).

Despite my complaints with 3 out of 5 of the drinks, the overall experience wasn’t all that bad. For one, there’s free islandwide delivery for a minimum of 6 bottles ordered, which can be easily fulfilled. Furthermore, their Black Cold Brew and Mocha were above average. 

Our verdict

So what’s our review of Candour Coffee?

Ironically, Candour Coffee might not have the best coffee. But with 11 other flavors uncharted, it’s a little too soon to cross out this coffee shop. They have options such as Cold Brew Peach Oolong and the intriguing Earl Grey Vanilla Latte so who knows? They might be able to redeem themselves.

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