“What hair product should I use?” is probably one of the most asked question when you first style your hair. I experienced this dilemma first hand because there were just too many to choose from- waxes, clays, pomades… and not to mention the different brands in the market.

For the ones in a dilemma, you can consider Carter Supply Company’s Assorted Trial Set, which includes 4 products- FluxElevate, Fortify and Sharp.


Flux is a high hold matte finish wax. Like most waxes, it has a very airy touch to it, but this product takes it to a whole new level. It barely felt like there was any products in my hair and it didn’t make my hair greasy at all.

This versatile product is perfect for those with thin and greasy hair.

The only downside to this product is that its effect lasts for a really short duration, around 6 hours.


I would classify Elevate as a regular wax that you can easily find out there. It has a medium hold and a subtle shine.


Fortify has the qualities of the traditional clay which is thicker and heavier than the other products. It has a really strong hold and a nice matte finish to it, but if you have thinner hair, it may be harder for you to achieve the desired outcome as it may cause your hair to clump up.


Sharp is a water-based pomade that is packed with beneficial elements such as argon oil. Compared to traditional oil-based pomades, Sharp is designed to give you that slick finishing without over-greasing your hair.

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