Premium Queen Crab En Sakaba

Is En Sakaba closed?

Yes and… no. En Sakaba has been renamed into En Dining, located at Capital Tower in Tanjong Pagar. Instead of specialising in hotpot, En Dining offers an affordable Japanese buffet.

But, if you’re keen to read about what En Sakaba was like before they refreshed their concept, here’s our honest review of our food at the Japanese hotpot place.

Review of En Sakaba

So it seems that the trend of barhopping in Japan has been shifting towards a modern concept between a tachinomiya (standing bar) and izakaya (bar with seats). Unlike the usual izayaka bars where light snacks and tapas are paired with alcohol, En Sakaba offers heavier and tummy-filler meals to satiate your all-time Japanese food cravings.

Modern concepts on traditional designs

The restaurant is decked out in traditional wooden furnishing, topped with a casual bistro bar at the front. However, the modern, open concept of the bar exposes diners to shoppers of the mall so it may cause discomfort if you prefer a more private dining experience. Moreover, there are very limited tables so making your reservation in advance is highly recommended.

Review of The Hotpot Set

At a price of $58++/pax (U.P $70++), the promotional premium hotpot set includes a delectable range of authentic Japanese cuisine – Miyazaki Wagyu Beef, Premium Queen Crab, and Iberico Kurobuta Pork, sashimi and more.

Do not belittle this small piece of ordinary-looking sushi, it is actually my favourite of the day! The flavourful taste that accompanies the melt-in-your-mouth texture really impresses.

The sashimi was also fresh, with a variety of shrimp, tuna and scallops, which was a good start to our meal.

Premium Queen Crab En Sakaba

Seafood lovers will be satisfied with the Premium Queen Crab legs. Not only were they fresh, they were easy to pry open which saves a lot of hassle. If you’re looking for something different, dip the crab legs in the sweet broth to complement the taste.

Unfortunately, the meal didn’t end with a BAM. What could have potentially been the best part of our meal fell short of our expectations.

While we appreciate the generosity of the portions given, we were not impressed by the plate of frozen meat on our table. The Kurobuta pork fared better than the Wagyu beef in terms of both taste and texture. Although, it wasn’t very impressive either. The meat was rather hard to chew on, missing the tender and soft texture it ought to have.


Given the rather reasonable price for generous portions, it might be a sweet deal if you are not too particular about the meat. The rest of the dishes did possess all the decent qualities of an authentic Japanese restaurant. Perhaps if En Sakaba improved the standards of the Wagyu Beef standards, this would be worth another visit!

En Sakaba Store Locator

Location: 181 Orchard Road, #01-16 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6634 1018
Opening hours: 12pm- 11pm (sun-thur); 12pm- 12am (fri- sat)

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