Fruit teas in Singapore - Signature drink at Muyoo at Jurong Point

Is Muyoo still relevant in Singapore’s food scene? Let’s see what’s on the menu

Back when Singapore’s food scene wasn’t as vibrant as it was, Muyoo took the internet by storm in 2019 with its Asian-inspired breads. However, the hype quickly died down.

Whether it’s a quality problem or a marketing fault, we can’t say for sure. However, when I tried Muyoo’s bakes when they first opened, they were far from satisfactory. Just for comparison’s sake, we’ve left our review of Muyoo at the end of the article. But, here’s what Muyoo has been up to the past five years.

What’s the hype about at Muyoo?

If you haven’t heard of Muyoo, they’re famous for their innovative breads that are inspired by flavours found across Asia.

For instance, Black Sesame Quiche ($2.8), Black Glutinous QQ ($2.4), Bak Kwa Roll ($2.4), and more. Of course, you’ll also find classic items such as Garlic Butter ($4.1) and Bacon Onion ($2.3).

Beyond operating as a bakery, Muyoo is also an underrated spot for a range of iced tea.

Fruit teas in Singapore - Signature drink at Muyoo at Jurong Point
Pear and Pineapple Fruit Tea from the Jurong Point outlet

The Pear and Pineapple Fruit Tea ($4.8) had a nice harmony between the two fruits. The pear and pineapple notes were rather subtle at the start, only emerging after lingering on your tongue for a few moments.

If you prefer a fruitier taste, you can allow the pineapples to steep in the tea for 15 minutes.

Where is Muyoo located?

Muyoo has four outlets spread across Singapore: Jurong Point, Changi City Point, Northpoint City, and NEX Mall.

Our review of Muyoo when they first opened in 2019

Review of Muyoo's old item (no longer on menu as of 2024) — Cloud Wand Bread
Cloud Wand Bread series (no longer on the menu)

Back then, their Fruit Rainbow Wands ($3.9-4.9) got all the hype. It was basically bread with cream and fresh fruits with the following flavours — Mango, Grape, Strawberry and Blueberry. Sadly, as vibrant as it looked, the flavours tasted artificial and the bread was too chewy.

Next, the Rainbow Salted Egg Lava ($4.20) fared better in terms of flavours, albeit there is still room for improvement. However, it’s biggest setback was the stingy amount of salted egg filling.

Out of the three bread that we reviewed in 2019, their only redeeming item was the Ori Octoki ($5.9). It comprised an ingenious combination of octopus, wasabi and cheese, paired with a chocolate bread body and white chocolate as the eyes.

As horrifying as it looks, this was actually a delightful find, that is sadly no longer available on their 2024 menu.

Interesting Octopus Bread from Muyoo, comprising of octopus, wasabi and cheese filling with a chocolate bread

What about the bubble tea?

With all the hype it was getting, the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Pearls ($3.9) requires no introduction. However, the brown sugar flavour lacked authenticity and the pearls had a rather hard texture to chew on.

What I had expected to be a series of intense syrup and artificial flavouring in their Cloud Fruit Tea Series ($4.5- 5.5) turned out rather natural. It had a mild fruitiness with the perfect balance of tea.


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