Cafes in the west, or east side best side?

This saying has long been outdated. While it’s true that the east is teeming with some of the best cafes in Singapore such as Common Man Coffee Roasters, Apiary and Luna… That doesn’t mean that the west — comprising of cafes in Boon Lay, Clementi, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong, and more — has nothing to offer!

Discover the hidden gems that the west has to offer, whether it’s an aromatic cup of coffee, a delectable slice of cake, or a hearty brunch, with our handpicked list of the 21 best cafes in the west of Singapore

Where are the best cafes in the west?

Buona Vista cafes
1. Dewgather — dusty pink Melbourne brunch spot
2. Lemuel Chocolate — local bean-to-bar chocolatier
3. Ji Yue Coffee — Taiwanese coffee roaster

Boon Lay and Pioneer cafes
4. Venture Drive — one of the best coffee houses in Singapore
5. Connect71 — affordable Japanese-inspired bowls for NTU students

Bukit Timah & Bukit Batok Cafes
6. 1932 Story – vintage cafe at Bukit Timah Railway Station
7. Pocket by Flip Coffee Roasters — micro-roaster with a vibe-y space
8. Coexist Coffee Co. — Instagrammable rooftop cafe

Choa Chu Kang & Lim Chu Kang cafes
9. No Horse Run Gelato — gelato made with premium ingredients from around the world
10. Poison Ivy Bistro — farm-to-table concept within a farm
11. Sueno — halal-certified dessert cafe

Clementi cafes
12. Burnt Cones – Small-batch gelato cafe with unique flavours
13. Olla Speciality Coffee — 2022 Singapore Barista Champion
14. Wonders (West Wind) — mahjong-themed cafe

Jurong East & Jurong West cafes
15. Suzuki Gourmet Roaster — Kyoto-style concept
16. Time Table Cafe — conducive cafe for studying with wifi & power socket
17. Oh My Mango Bar — Thai-style dessert bar with bingsu and shibuya toast
18. Pang Zi Durian — durian desserts made with actual durian puree

One-north & Holland Village cafes
19. PYROAST — omakase coffee
20. Lola’s — famous for brunch
21. Plain Meredith — pet-friendly cafe

Best cafes in Buona Vista

1. Dewgather

White Cold Brew ($7.5)

Decked in gorgeous shade of dusty pink, Dewgather is perhaps one of the best cafes in Buona Vista that serves a hearty brunch fare.

Start off the morning with their Triple Cream Brie Toasties ($9.5), slathered with truffle honey and vegemite for a earthy, sweet and savoury combination. As the day progresses, opt for their heartier mains, such as the Dew Swordfish Pasta ($25), tossed in a tangy, herby sauce. Alternatively, the Braised Beef Cheek ($27), slow-cooked in a meaty, savoury broth and served with crispy kale, mashed potato, and a spicy mountain pepper jus.

Wash it all down with a nutty White Cold Brew ($7.5), or a refreshing Espresso Tonic ($5.5).


Location: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-46 The Star Vista, Singapore 138617

2. Lemuel Chocolate

Signature Single Origin Chocolate Tart ($65). Photo: Lemuel Chocolate

As a boutique chocolate atelier, Lemuel Chocolate takes pride in crafting small-batch, ethically sourced chocolates.

Located at The Star Vista, it’s a haven for all chocolate enthusiasts, offering a wide range of single-origin chocolates and bean-to-bar creations.

For instance, their Signature Single Origin Chocolate Tart ($65) is a mixture of all things chocolatey — cacao nibs, salted cocoa crumble, 70% Thai Dark Chocolate Ganache, 54% Milk Chocolate Mousse, Dark Cocoa Mirror Glaze. You can also opt for single-portion tarts, or a box of Bonbons that start from $22.

While waiting for your order, you can indulge in an immersive experience with their open-concept chocolate studio, where you can witness the chocolate-making process.

Lemuel Chocolate 

Location: 1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista, #01-04/05, Singapore 138617

3. Ji Yue Coffee

Tucked away in the Viva Vista Shopping Mall, you’ll find this hidden gem.

Ji Yue Coffee crafts a warm and inviting atmosphere, establishing a cosy haven with a distinct Taiwanese-inspired charm. Indulge in their range of single-origin coffees, expertly roasted by the renowned Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters. The beans are treated to a lighter profile, ensuring the preservation of their natural flavours and aromatic richness.

Ji Yue Coffee

Location: 3 South Buona Vista Rd, #01-13 Viva Vista, Singapore 118136

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Cafes in Boon Lay & Pioneer

4. Venture Drive

Venture Drive minimalistic white cafe
A minimalistic cafe at Nanyang Technological University’s North Spine Plaza

Minimalistic cafes are no longer impressive, but when you serve coffee as good as Venture Drive, there is really no need for any fancy decors.

Venture Drive houses a diverse range of coffee from all around the world; all are roasted locally with great care, ensuring that there is a perfect cup for everyone.

They rotate their selection frequently and they have at least five single origins to choose from at each time. Highlights include the Columbia Andres Guaca Natural Rum Aged Pink Bourbon, which emanates a gentle rum aroma as the beans are aged in a rum casket, and their Christmas-exclusive single origin that tastes just like Qoo White Grape.

Venture Drive is located at Nanyang Technological University, where staff and students are entitled to a 10% discount.

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Venture Drive

Location: 50 Nanyang Avenue, North Spine Plaza #NS3-01-13 Singapore 639798

5. Connect71

Unfortunately there are really no cafes in the far west of Boon Lay and Pioneer, except for these cafes in Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Connect 71, also known as C71, is a student-run cafe at NTU’s North Spine. The cafe offers Japanese rice bowls at affordable prices below $10, such as the signature Gyudon ($9.9) and Mazesoba ($7.9). Both are touted to be packed with ingredients.

They also serve coffee and matcha lattes. Couple with the spacious interior, it also offers students an alternative conducive environment to revise.


Location: 71 Nanyang Dr, level 3, Singapore 638075

Cafes in Bukit Timah & Bukit Batok

6. 1932 Story

1932 Story Cafe entrance - Cafe at Bukit Timah
Photo: @anonymousmich / Instagarm

A familiar respite for trekkers in the area, 1932 Story is a cafe that is located inside the inoperative Bukit Timah Railway Station.

Most of the original facade remains untouched. Coupled with a curated selection of antique furniture, this cafe transports you back to the early 1900s.

1932 Story is halal, serving a mix of local and fusion fare including pizza, pasta, pastries and coffee that ranges between $10 to $30.

1932 Story

Location: 1005 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 596121

7. Pocket by Flip Coffee Roasters

Speciality coffee by Pocket by Flip Coffee Roasters — a coffee speciality cafe in the west of Singapore
Photo: Pocket by Flip Coffee Roasters / Instagram

Living room or cafe? It’s hard to decide when Pocket offers such a cosy space to enjoy their coffee.

Flip Coffee Roasters is a micro-roastery in Singapore that curates a selection of beans from regions worldwide, and Pocket is where you can enjoy them all.

In addition to coffee, brunch bites such as Mushroom Toasties ($17) and in-house bakes are on the menu.

Pocket by Flip Coffee Roasters

Location: 619H Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269728

8. Coexist Coffee Co.

If you remember, this is the cafe that took the internet by storm with its striking red and white walls against an industrial chic backdrop.

Coexist Coffee Co. is perhaps one of the most Instagrammable cafes in Singapore. Its menu comprises of modern Singaporean cuisine, including Laksa Fish and Chips ($26) and Carrot Cake Fries ($12).

But of course, at the core of their concept lies their commitment to delivering a good cup of joe. Don’t believe us? One of their co-founders is also a certified CQI Q and R Grader.

Coexist Coffee Co.

Location: 48 Hillview Ter, #08-00 Hillview Building, Singapore 669269

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Cafes in Choa Chu Kang & Lim Chu Kang

9. No Horse Run Gelato

No Horse Run Gelato Cafe - Ice Cream & Waffles at Choa Chu Kang North
Sea Salt Matcha and Oolong Osmanthus with Buttermilk Waffles ($13.5)

No Horse Run Gelato prides themselves with handcrafted gelato made in small batches. They use sustainably sourced cacao, matcha powder from Uji, Japan, and fresh strawberries from Australia.

While their texture resembles more of an ice cream than gelato, the flavours were spot on. In addition, among their 16 flavours, you’ll find interesting ones such as Green Apple YakultHoney Stars and Kopi Guyou.

The gelatos cost $4.2 for a single scoop, and $8 for a double. 

For waffles, you can choose between Buttermilk ($5.5) and Pandan Gula Melaka ($6.5).

The gelato cafe is opened in tandem with Traditional Sarawak Kolo Mee Cafe. Aside from dessert, you can also order a hearty bowl of kolo mee, or a dish from their all day breakfast menu.

No Horse Run Gelato

Location: 50a Choa Chu Kang Loop, #01-21, Singapore 689959

10. Poison Ivy Bistro

Nasi Lemak Platter ($12)

What better way to experience farm-to-table dining than Singapore’s very own farm.

Poison Ivy Bistro offers affordable homely food that is cooked with farm produce harvested from Bollywood Veggies, a farm located at Lim Chu Kang.

Their a la carte menu is seasonal and changes often, depending on the season’s harvest. But you can expect the prices to remain around $10-15 per pax.

While you’re in the area, set aside some time to check out the other farms as well! You can head down to Hay Dairies to feed goats, or to Qian Hu Fish Farm for longkang fishing. Most of the farms are located within walking distance of each other.

Poison Ivy Bistro

Location: 100 Neo Tiew Rd, Singapore 719026

11. Sueno Cafe

Sueno Cafe is a halal-certified cafe in Choa Chu Kang.

Their menu comprises of pastries, cakes, coffee and savoury pies. Crowd favourites include the Acai Bowl ($8.9) and Waffles with Gelato ($7.4).

Sueno Cafe

Location: 533 Choa Chu Kang Street 51, #01-16, Singapore 680533

Cafes in Clementi

12. Burnt Cones

Signature Purple Yam. Photo: Burnt Cones

It didn’t take long for Burnt Cones to have its own cult-following, but it’s not surprising given their unwavering dedication to crafting top-notch gelato. 

Made with all-natural ingredients, every flavour is churned in a small batch, ensuring that the gelato comes out in the right consistency. Their current line-up includes the all-time favourite Dark Chocolate, as well as unique flavours like Blood Thyme Orange and Purple Yam.

Gelato starts from $5 per scoop.

If you’re looking for a full meal, you can also opt for their affordable sandos at $5 each: Truffled Tuna Melt and Turkey Bacon Egg Mayo.

Burnt Cones

Location: 105 Clementi Street 12, #01-02, Singapore 120105

13. Olla Speciality Coffee

Waffles, bakes and brunch — that’s what you can get alongside this award-winning coffee house in Clementi.

Olla Speciality Coffee is the 2022 Singapore Barista Champion, so you can be reassured that your $6.5 Iced Latte is in good hands.

For an elevated experience, opt for their exclusive OLLAKASE. Modelled after the omakase, concept, this set offers four mystery beverages with a pairing dessert.

However, if you’re just here for the vibes, but not necessarily a fan of coffee, you can also enjoy a series of matcha drinks, iced shaken tea, and their in-house specials — including the Cafe de Olla ($5) and Masala Chai Soy Latte ($6.50).

Olla Speciality Coffee

Location: 381 Clementi Ave 5, #01-402, Singapore 120381

14. Wonders (West Wind)

Mahjong merchandise at Wonders (West Wind), mahjong themed cafe in the west of Singapore at Clementi
Mahjong merch for the hardcore players. Photo: / Instagram

If the term “west wind” sounds familiar to you, it’s because this cafe in Clementi is mahjong-themed.

Wonders serves ice-cream, but in a playful manner that alludes to the popular Chinese game. Kueh Bangkit is 白板, Roasted Pistachio is 门青, Dark Chocolate Sorbet is 大四西.

Prices start from $4.5 for a single scoop, with premium and gourmet options available for an additional charge.

While you can’t actually play mahjong here, perhaps you can connect with other fellow mahjong lovers and invite them as your last ka.

Wonders (West Wind)

Location: Blk 431 Clementi Ave 3, #01-318, Singapore 120431

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Cafes at Jurong East & Jurong West

15. Suzuki Gourmet Coffee

Japanese themed cafe with zen interior
A zen interior at Suzuki Gourmet Coffee

This Japanese-themed cafe in the west welcomes you with its warm and inviting atmosphere with wooden furniture, zen gardens, and a bamboo fountain.

Suzuki is a well-known coffee roaster in Singapore since 1979, But since 2021, they have revamped their cafe to a contemporary, Kyoto-style concept.

Try their in-house roasted coffee, Suzuki Original Blend, as a Hokkaido Latte ($8). The inherent sweetness of the roast is accentuated by authentic Hokkaido milk. Suzuki Gourmet Coffee also serves Matcha Latte ($9) and Hojicha Latte ($9).

Order some Japanese sweets to go with your drinks, such as the An-Pan Samutsuki ($8) and Dorayaki ($13).

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Suzuki Gourmet Coffee

Location: 8 Chin Bee Ave, Singapore 619932

16. Time Table Cafe

Crispy Chicken Baked Rice ($11.9)

Time Table Cafe offers affordable, family-friendly dining with a focus on simple, down-to-earth service and food.

This is the perfect place if you’re grabbing a meal with your friends and family, and you want something affordable, yet comforting. Mains start from as low as $7.7 for a classic Pomodoro.

Food aside, it’s also a great place to hole up and study or work productively. It’s relatively empty in the day, especially on weekdays, and the cafe provides wifi and electrical sockets.

Time Table Cafe

Location: Jurong West Street 41, #01-726 Block 456, Singapore 640456

17. Oh My Mango Dessert Bar

Fresh Mango Bingsu ($14.9). Photo: Oh My Mango Dessert Bar

Another fruit-themed cafe in the west, Oh My Mango Dessert Bar is a Thai-style dessert cafe that serves bingsu, shibuya toast, pizza and frappes.

Their popular dishes include the Fresh Mango Bingsu ($14.9) and Fresh Mango Shibuya Toast ($12.9). The bingsu and toast series also includes other fruits such as strawberry, coconut and banana.

Surprisingly, for a Thai-style cafe, the only Thai-related dishes are their Thai Milk Tea that starts from $3.5.

Oh My Mango Dessert bar has outlets at Chua Chu Kang’s Sunshine Plaza, Yew Tee Square, and Jurong West Street, and Cube

Oh My Mango Dessert Bar 

Location: 2 Jurong East Central 1, #03-09 JCube, Singapore 609731

18. Pang Zi Durian

Pang Zi Durian’s Mochi Craquelin Bun with Mao Shan Wang ice cream ($7.4) (left), Waffles with Dark Chocolate & Sweet Potato ice cream ($12.5)

Pang Zi Durian is a durian speciality cafe situated within a HDB cluster in Jurong West.

Durian enthusiasts have to try their Four Heavenly King ($16.8) which includes two pieces of D24 puffs, two pieces of Mao Shan Wang (MSW) puffs, one scoop of MSW gelato, and one durian mousse. All their durian desserts are crafted with all-natural and high-quality durian puree. For those who find this combination special, this durian dessert set is also available at Three Point Two Ice Cream and Coffee House, as they are run by the same team behind Pang Zi Durian.

Even if you’re not a fan of durian, you can drop by for a classic ice cream and waffles. The ice cream, starting from $3.8 per scoop, is handcrafted daily. It has a creamy consistency and its tasted natural. 

Pang Zi Durian

Location: 492 Jurong West Street 41, #01-18, Singapore 640492

Cafes in One-north & Holland Village


Coffee Omakase in collaboration with nearby hotel — Citadines Science Park

Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopian… these are just some of the more common single origins you’ll find in speciality coffee houses in Singapore.

PYROAST offers more, with harder-to-find coffee beans from less conventional places such as Yemen, which is also where coffee was first founded.

For the best experience, opt for the Coffee Omakase experience, where you get served the most interesting coffee variations you can think of — starting with coffee kombucha, yuanyang and even cocktails.

PYROAST also has other outlets at Jurong and Somerset.


Location: 2 Science Park Dr, #01-31 Ascent Singapore Science Park 1, Singapore 118222

20. Lola’s Cafe

Starting out as a friendly-neighbourhood cafe, Lola’s Cafe has now developed a strong standing in the cafe scene, unbeknownst to most locals.

Their second branch in Holland Village has become a popular spot due to its aesthetic and cosy ambience.

If you’re spoiled for choice, their crowd favourites include Lola’s Breakfast ($23), Flourless Chocolate Cake ($7), and Charred Harissa Cauliflower ($12). Their Holland Village branch also serves an outlet-exclusive dish — the Tsukune Sando ($20).

Lola’s Cafe

Location: 48 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277699

21. Plain Meredith

Dog standing on chair at Plain Meredith — a pet-friendly brunch cafe at Holland Village
Photo: Plain Meredith

Plain Meredith

Location: 7 Holland Vlg Wy, #02-23/24, One, Singapore 275748

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