Bukit Timah cafes? Save this cafe hopping guide for the next time you’re in the area

Beyond the famous “Bukit Timah Railway Station cafe” and Enchanted Cafe at Bukit Timah Plaza, we’ve got 12 more amazing spots for brunch and coffee in the neighbourhood.

Where are the best cafes in Bukit Timah?

Bukit Timah cafes
1. Daily Ground — popular cafe for brunch, ice cream and croissants
2. 1932 Story — the famous Bukit Timah Railway Station cafe
3. Pocket by Flip Coffee Roasters — coffee speciality cafe
4. Coexist Coffee Co. — the viral red and white industrial cafe in Bukit Timah
5. Revelry — pet-friendly waffle cafe
6. Atlas Coffeehouse — modern local roaster in Bukit Timah
7. Daily Ground — First’s multi-artisan concept store
8. Hello Arigato — best Sando place in town
9. The Living Cafe — vegan and organic produce
10. Micro Bakery — sourdough speciality cafe in Bukit Timah
11. Enchanted cafe — fairytale-themed brunch place
12. Patissier Woo — artisanal cake and gelato
13. Salted Caramel — local hand-crafted ice cream
14. Choupinette — charming French cafe

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Here are more cafes near Bukit Timah.

Best Bukit Timah cafes

1. Daily Ground

Best Bukit Timah cafe in Singapore for croissants, ice cream and brunch
A popular spot in Bukit Timah for croissants. Photo: Daily Ground / Instagram

Nestled along a vibrant street filled with cafes and bars, Daily Ground stands as Singapore’s first multi-artisan concept store. Offering an array of daily delights, you can expect brunch, freshly baked goods and artisanal gelato at Bukit Timah cafe.

Within their extensive menu, their unique croissants stands out, which unorthodox flavours like Muar Otah Cheese and Yuzu Bacon Cruffin. Other than that,  the crowd’s favourites include the hearty breakfast, Ultimate Rosti ($28) paired with their Coconut Latte ($7).

Daily Ground

Location: 619D Bukit Timah Road #01-01, Singapore 269724

2. 1932 Story

1932 Story Cafe entrance — the famous Railway cafe at Bukit Timah
Photo: @anonymousmich / Instagarm

This is the famous Bukit Timah Railway Station cafe — a popular respite for hikers in the neighbourhood.

What’s unique about this cafe is that most of the original facade of the railway station is preserved. Alongside the antique furniture, this cafe aims to transport you back to the past, when the railway was still operating.

1932 Story is one of the few halal cafes in Bukit Timah, serving a mix of local and fusion fare such as pizza, pasta, pastries and coffee priced at $10-30.

1932 Story

Location: 1005 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 596121

3. Pocket by Flip Coffee Roasters

Speciality coffee by Pocket by Flip Coffee Roasters — a coffee speciality cafe in Bukit Timah
Photo: Pocket by Flip Coffee Roasters / Instagram

Living room or cafe? It’s hard to decide when Pocket offers such a cosy space to enjoy their coffee.

Flip Coffee Roasters is a micro-roastery in Bukit Timah that curates a selection of beans from regions worldwide, and Pocket is where you can enjoy them all.

In addition to coffee, brunch bites such as Mushroom Toasties ($17) and in-house bakes are on the menu.

Pocket by Flip Coffee Roasters

Location: 619H Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269728

4. Coexist Coffee Co.

If you remember, this was the Bukit Timah cafe that took the internet by storm with its striking red and white walls against an industrial chic backdrop.

Coexist Coffee Co. is perhaps one of the most Instagrammable cafes in not just Bukit Timah, but the whole of Singapore. Its menu comprises of modern local cuisine, including Laksa Fish and Chips ($26) and Carrot Cake Fries ($12).

But of course, at the core of their concept lies their commitment to delivering a good cup of joe. Don’t believe us? One of their co-founders is also a certified CQI Q and R Grader.

This cafe, with its flagship outlet in Bukit Timah, has also opened a second outlet in Paya Lebar.

Coexist Coffee Co.

Location: 48 Hillview Ter, #08-00 Hillview Building, Singapore 669269

5. Revelry

Pet friendly Bukit Timah cafe
Revelry Signature Burffle ($19). Photo: @fifyfuufuu / Instagram

Known for its expertise in crafting delectable waffles and desserts, Revelry is a pet-friendly cafe nestled in Lorong Kilat. Setting itself apart from traditional waffle joints, Revelry introduces a creative twist with its signature dish, the Burffle, an inventive fusion of burger and waffle.

The Revelry Signature Burffle ($19) consists of Belgian waffles, beef patties, and animal style sauce, offering an interesting combination. Other popular dishes of the cafe are Chicken and Waffles ($19) and unique sweet options like On Cloud Nine ($16) a waffle with cotton candy and toasted marshmallow on top.


Location: 21 Lor Kilat, #01-02, Singapore 598123

6. Atlas Coffeehouse

Outdoor pet friendly cafe in Bukit Timah for coffee and brunch
A minimalistic, modern, industrial coffee place in Bukit Timah. Photo: Atlas Coffeehouse

At Atlas Coffeehouse, you’ll find a warm welcome for your furry friends and exceptional coffee to enjoy. Set in a modern space with lush greenery, it’s the ideal spot for a relaxing brunch, especially after a walk around Bukit Timah.

Furthermore, their speciality-grade coffees are sourced from top farms worldwide, guaranteeing a consistently excellent brew with every sip.

Start your morning with an Iced Long Black ($5.5) or opt for the indulgent double ristretto coffee called Magic ($5.3). Pair it with dishes like the fresh Salmon Soba Bowl ($21), or the classic breakfast favourite, A Gentleman’s Relish ($16.8), featuring sourdough and scrambled eggs. 

Atlas Coffeehouse

Location: 6 Duke’s Road, Singapore 268886 

7. Hello Arigato

Bukit Timah bakery and cafe that is famous for its Japanese sandos
Hello Arigato’s signature sando. Photo: @__jinkool / Instagram

Popular for its thick sandos, Hello Arigato is a Japanese-inspired cafe that has over four outlets scattered in town, including Joo Chiat, Everton Park and Upper Thomson.

The cafe in Bukit Timah boasts a minimalistic charm, adorned with clean white hues and modern wooden furniture.

While the Wagyu Sando ($48) and Gyu Sando ($26) remain star attractions, Hello Arigato’s menu also offers store-exclusive dishes like Yakiniku Gyu Sando ($28). Other than that, this cafe offer flavourful donburis, Asian-fusion pastas, and refreshing drinks like the crowd’s favourite Iced Dirty Matcha ($8)

Hello Arigato

Location: 551 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 269692

8. The Living Cafe

Vegan cafe at Bukit Timah — The Living Cafe
Photo: The Living Cafe

For over ten years, The Living Cafe has committed to serving raw and plant-based cuisine.

The cafe along Bukit Timah Road prioritises using high-quality organic produce that excludes cow dairy, red meat, refined sugars, preservatives, and vegetable oils to offer wholesome meals. Additionally, the second floor of the cafe serves as a retail space where you can stock up on healthy eating essentials.

Despite being a vegan and health-focused establishment, the cafe surprises customers with their extensive menu. Crowds with favourites are the Indiana Chicken Pizza ($21) and Herbed Salmon Burger ($21), alongside tempting vegan desserts such as Tiramisu ($10) and Mocha Mint ($10). 

The Living Cafe

Location: 779 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269758

9. Micro Bakery

Sourdough speciality cafe Micro Bakery
Photo: Micro Bakery / Instagram

At Micro Bakery, sourdough takes centre stage.

Handcrafted loaves are baked fresh daily with sustainable whole grain flour and a naturally leavened process. This artisanal approach ensures that the bread is not only flavourful but also packed with nutrients.

As an ideal canvas for a variety of their dishes, try some of their popular offerings such as  Roasted Tomato and Ricotta Tartine ($16), the hearty Big Breakfast ($23), and the indulgent Smoked Salmon Tartine ($20).

In addition to their Bukit Timah outlet, Micro Bakery also has branches in Botanic Gardens and East Coast.

Micro Bakery

Location: 10 Jalan Serene #01-05 Serene Centre, Singapore 258748 

10. Enchanted Cafe – The Secret Garden

Enchanted Cafe at Bukit Timah Plaza, serving brunch and coffee at this fairytale themed cafe
Photo: Enchanted Cafe / Instagram

Feel the enchantment as you step into the Enchanted Cafe, a charming garden cafe at Bukit Timah Plaza. Across town, the cafe has two other outlets that offer a different fairytale theme, inviting you to have an immersive dining experience.

Offering a diverse Asian and Western menu, highlights from Enchanted Cafe’s menu are the Truffle Mushroom & Bacon Baked Rice ($17.9), known for its stretchy cheese pull and Enchanted Scrambled with Turkey Bacon ($15.9).

Pair it up with the creamy Enchanted Sundae ($14.9) or get their house blend tea — The Enchantress Potion ($6.9)

Enchanted Cafe – The Secret Garden

Location: 1 Jalan Anak Bukit, Bukit Timah Plaza, #L1-CA1 Singapore 588996

11. Patissier Woo

Patisserie Woo's Instagrammable tart
Photo: Patissier Woo

Satisfy your sweet cravings at Patisserie Woo, where you can enjoy artisanal pastries and gelato in a charming casual luxury dining. With its chic interior and pastel-coloured shop, this Bukit Timah cafe offers a charming ambience.

The desserts at this cafe are inspired by global flavours and meticulously crafted with premium ingredients sourced worldwide, including Japanese whiskey, Sicilian pistachios, and Belgian dark chocolate. Indulge in their best-selling tangy Yuzu Tart (from $9.5) or savour the nutty flavour of their Sicilian Pistachio Tart (from $9.5).

Patissier Woo

Location: 1 Fifth Ave., #01-01 Guthrie House, Singapore 268802

12. Salted Caramel

Ice cream parlour at Bukit Timah — Salted Caramel
Photo: Salted Caramel / Instagram

Salted Caramel Artisan Ice Cream stands out with hand-crafted ice cream made from scratch, featuring unique flavours like Ispahan and Lemon Cheesecake. Located in Lorong Kilat, nearer to Beauty World MRT station, the ice cream cafe boasts a minimalistic and cosy ambience.

For first-timers here, try their signature Salted Caramel, featuring a dynamic salty and sweet pairing infused from Fleur de Sel.

A single scoop priced at $4.5 and double scoop at $8.5, while a takeaway pint costs at $15.9.

You can also pair the ice cream with Fudgy Brownie ($5.5) or Waffle ($5.5).

Salted Caramel Artisan Ice Cream

Location: Lorong Kilat, 17 Lorong Kilat, Kilat Court, #01-08 598139

13. Choupinette

Choupinette French cafe near Coronation Plaza
Photo: Choupinette / Instagram

Established in 2002, Choupinette is a charming small French cafe located near Coronation Plaza. With a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, they offer classic French dishes where sandwiches and egg dishes take centreplace.

From Escargot ($14.9) to Pork Medallion ($26), their menu showcases a variety of French delights. During your visit, don’t forget to ask about their daily specials, which often include favourites like Egg Benedict and Croque Monsieur.


Location: 607 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269708

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