White Cold Brew from Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

What’s the hype about Enchanted Cafe Bedok? We tried it for ourselves and needless to say, we’re a convert now.

Enchanted Cafe Bedok stands as one of the best cafes in Bedok with its collection of cold brews and affordable brunch.

Part of the Mosanco group, with other branches in Serangoon, Farrer Park and Bukit Timah, Enchanted Cafe Bedok is also known as The Secret Garden.

Our honest review of Enchanted Cafe Bedok

Mosanco Enchanted Cafe bedok review - Best Cafe in Bedok

Truly a well-hidden gem, locating Enchanted Cafe Bedok was certainly not an easy feat. This unassuming cafe is located deep inside the HDB cluster of Bedok North, and it’s entrance isn’t particularly attention-grabbing.

But once you step foot into the cafe, you’ll notice that the space is adorn with whimsical decors and wallpapers. It felt like stepping into an enchanting wonderland.

What about the food here?

You have probably seen these magical creations all over social media.

Eggs are no longer just eggs, but whipped up into a whole new form. Enjoy the Almond Butter on Toast ($10.9) with their signature fluffy cloud eggs whipped up in stiff peaks for the extra novelty.

almond butter on toast, nut butter, sourdough, cloud egg
Almond Butter on Toast ($10.9)

If you’re wondering how it’s made, the raw egg is first whipped up till foamy and doubled in size, before dropping it in the pan. This results in a light and fluffy cotton candy texture, which melts in your mouth perfectly.

The almond butter elevates this simple dish to a whole new level, we love the gritty finish of the spread which also reminded us of glutinous rice ball peanut fillings. Meanwhile, the sourdough was also toasted to perfection.

Next, you can’t really go wrong with croissants for brunch. We got the Croissant with Stuffing ($9.9). For the filling, you can choose among crab meat mayo omplemented the crispy pastry impeccably as the flakes crumbled onto the plate. Although the croissant was slightly dry, it was compensated by the filling.

stuffed croissant with crab meat at enchanted cafe bedok
Croissant with crab meat add-on ($12.9)

We also topped up some Truffle Mushrooms ($4.5) and Smoked Salmon ($5) on the side.

Enchanted’s signature cold brew coffee

Choose from six cold brew at Enchanted Cafe Bedok.

If you have a sweet tooth for coffee, you’ll be glad to know that the Cold Brew White ($6.9) at Enchanted Cafe Bedok was milky and sweet.

cold brew white at Mosanco cafe cold brew
Cold Brew White

Their refreshing tea selections are a great match to the enchanted theme, naming themselves with titles like The Enchantress Potion, Pixie Dust, and more.

We appreciate the full-bodied and aromatic Enchantress Potion ($6.9) which was infused with the alluring scents of earl grey, rose and cherry blossoms. If you love the smell of tea-scented candles, you’ll probably enjoy this due to the resemblance.

Remember to save some stomach space for the Belgian Chocolate Crepe Cake, and savour the multiple layers of goodness to complete your meal. While the crepe could have been better with thinner layers, this is no doubt a decent piece of cake.

Our verdict

It’s no wonder Enchanted Cafe Bedok has such high reviews online.

Personally, we really enjoyed our time there. We loved how the interior design was whimsical, but still down to earth, so it was perfect for a cosy brunch on the weekend.

Of course, the food and drinks here were also great in terms of taste and price. The only downside to this is that it’s really a hidden gem in the sense that if it’s your first time here, you might not be able to find it easily!

We meant it literally when we said that it’s a hidden gem though, as it may be a little difficult to locate the area. The nearest MRT station is Bedok Reservoir, which is an eight minutes walk from the cafe.

Mosanco Enchanted Cafe Bedok

Location: 510 Bedok North Street 3, #01-75, Singapore 460510
Opening hours: 11am-11pm (closed on Tuesday)

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