waffles with coconut shavings and gula melaka

Apparently three’s a crowd if you visit this ice cream and waffles cafe at Tampines West.

Three’s A Crowd Cafe is one of the longest-standing cafes in Tampines, offering quality ice cream and waffles.

While the cafe, located beside Tampines West MRT Station, is not considered spacious, it has more than enough seats to accommodate a party of three.

Our honest review of Three’s A Crowd Cafe

Well-known for their handcrafted ice cream, Three’s A Crowd Cafe serves a good ensemble of ice-cream flavours. Some uncommon choices include Oolong Lychee, Oreo Mint, and Unicorn Pop.

One of the best coffee and durian ice cream

Three's a crowd Waffles
Ondeh Ondeh Waffles with Coconut ice cream with an add-on of MSW Durian

Coffee connoisseurs who only drink black coffee might scoff at coffee desserts for its artificial flavours. But this Espresso ice cream might be able to win their hearts over.

One of the best options, in my opinion, at Three’s A Crowd is the Espresso. Perhaps actual shots of espressos were used, as it’s robust and bold as an espresso would be. Regardless, this ice cream had a striking contrast of bitter and sweet. Rich and smooth, the ice cream glided down my throat like a good cuppa coffee.

The MSW Durian also deserves a special mention in our review of Three’s A Crowd Cafe, with its rich and creamy texture, and more importantly, genuine flavours of durian.

Lastly, Yum! The Pistachio was great, on par with Apiary, which is renowned for their Pistachio ice cream.

What about the waffles?

Well, this would depend on your preference. Do you like your waffles cakey, crispy, or a good mix of both?

Three’s A Crowd Cafe’s waffles leaned towards the crispy side, which was a little too crunchy for our liking.

This dish is no longer available on Three’s A Crowd’s menu

We ordered Ondeh Ondeh Waffles with Coconut Ice-cream — the ultimate Singapore-inspired flavour combination.

It was delightfully sweet and refreshing. The coconut shavings also added an extra crunch in every bite. However, personally, I found the gula melaka sauce a little too overpowering towards the end of my meal.

Do note that this is no longer on the menu. But, they do have other interesting waffle varieties such as Salted Horlicks Waffle ($9), which is currently available.

Our verdict?

Three’s A Crowd Cafe might not be most aesthetically looking compared to other ice cream parlours scattered around Singapore, nor is it as gimmicky. It’s a no-frills cafe that serves consistent and quality ice cream and waffles.

For fellow easties who are craving for some good quality and fuss-free ice cream, this cafe in Tampines is a definitely worth your time and calories!

Three’s A Crowd Cafe

Location: 802 Tampines Ave 4, Singapore 520802
Opening hours:
Mon-Thu: 11am-10:30pm
Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm
Sunday: 11am-10:30pm

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