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Is Route Sixty Six closed?

Unfortunately, this ice cream and waffles cafe at Bedok is permanently closed as of 2024.

However, if you’re interested in our review of the cafe anyway, here’s what we thought of them when we tried it back in 2019.

Our honest review of Route Sixty Six

ice cream and waffles, red velvet waffle, charcoal waffle, Speculoos ice cream

The prices at Route Sixty Six are relatively lower than most ice cream parlours in Singapore. It starts from $6.6 for half a waffle + 1 scoop of ice cream. Additional scoops cost $3 each while the other half of the waffle costs $3.3.

red velvet waffle,

The waffles at Route Sixty Six come in three different flavours: Buttermilk, Red Velvet and Charcoal.

A stark contrast from the crispy, airy waffles from Hatter Street, the ones at Route 66 were a lot denser. Almost cake-like especially once it absorbed some of the melted ice cream.

I highly recommend the Red Velvet, which was creamy and rich. Meanwhile. for those who prefer a less heavy combination, try the Charcoal. It carried a hint of saltiness which cut through the decadence and richness of the ice cream.

route sixty six menu, route sixty six ice cream flavours

Rare ice cream flavours such as White Rabbit are available.

But if you’re looking for more popular flavours, according to the staff, they are Rocky Road, Speculoos, Lavender Earl Grey and Milk and Honey.

It’s commonly the other way round, but the lavender had a more striking presence than the earl grey. Even then, there was a healthy rivalry between the two flavours, none being more overbearing than the other. It was a pleasant change from the orthodox flavours of Lavender Earl Grey, which places the emphasis on the earl grey.

Meanwhile, the White Rabbit tasted mainly like vanilla, with chunks of the childhood-favourite here and there. It’s perfect for those who wish to reminisce the old-school sweet without it being too saccharine.

ice cream and waffles, route sixty six menu, route sixty six ice cream flavours

An interesting option that caught my eye was Cheesy Cheese. It was savoury and creamy. Flavour-wise, I loved it. However, I didn’t appreciate the little crumble of cheese in the ice-cream which was why I opted for other flavours.

I tried the other three signature flavours as well. And as the staff had recommended, the Speculoos and Rocky Road did not disappoint. However, the Milk and Honey didn’t taste quite like well, Milk and Honey. I guess I was expecting a milkier flavour, as one would from a Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve, with a tinge of sweetness from the honey. But it just tasted like sweetened cream.

Our verdict

route sixty six cafe, route sixty six decorations, route sixty six ice cream

I have to admit that I was skeptical about the quality of the food here due to the significantly lower prices. The waffles here are on the extreme end of the texture spectrum, being one of the denser ones I’ve had. On this aspect, it really depends on personal preference. Ice cream wise, they were decent for the price. To sum up, I guess cheap doesn’t necessarily mean inferior for Route Sixty Six’s case.

Route Sixty Six

Location: 412 Bedok North Ave 2, Singapore 460412

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