When your date asks you to choose among “coffee, tea, or me?” The obvious answer is tea. It’s 2021, stop simping. To say that the knowledge for tea leaves is ‘extensive’ is a downplay of the topic’s bottomless pit. Instead of painstakingly trying to read up online- from the different types of leaves to their individual characteristics and the best ways to brew and steep them- we went straight to Royal Eternity Teahouse for their Tea Appreciation (Tea Tasting) Session and Tea Making Workshop, which also serve as great date ideas, corporate events and even activities for hen’s night.

Oriental, ancient Chinese themed venue space and room

For our Tea Appreciation Session, We settled down at the 1st Floor Conference Room which accommodates up to 15 people. Our Tea Master for the day, Xiao Yu, sat down on the other side of the table and began our tea appreciation session, going through the different types of leaves, how they’re processed, and how to best enjoy them.

Basic Guide to Tea Leaves

Just like how coffee is categorized into Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsa, tea leaves are classified under Green, Yellow, White, Oolong, Black, Pu-Erh. There are also fruit-scented, smoke-scented and floral tea, but that’s a different story.

Tea leaves for sale at Royal Eternity Teahouse, Gao Chung Suey Sian

Besides the finishing colour, experts categorize tea leaves according to how they are processed in terms of oxidation, which influences the flavour of the leaves by altering their enzymes. It occurs as soon as the leaves are plucked and the process is halted as soon as the leaves are heated up, also known as fixing. This explains why Green and Yellow teas are vastly different from Oolong and Black teas as the former pair are fixed instantly whereas the latter are allowed to partially oxidize. Meanwhile, Pu-Erh is heated immediately and left aside for fermentation.

Singaporeans might be the most familiar with green tea, with the whole matcha craze going on (these are different things though). Without any oxidation, it has a lighter flavour and an ambrosial fragrance. Similar to yellow and white tea which are fixed instantly bears a lighter flavour.

On the other hand, Black teas are fully oxidized, producing a rich and hearty flavour that lingers on your palate. Don’t confuse it with Pu-erh for its similar deep amber colours. Instead, Black teas refer to Earl Grey, Chai and English Breakfast.

Lastly, partially oxidized, Oolong bears a more complex flavour due to its elaborate processing. Not only can the flavours of oolong due to its large oxidation range from 12 to 80%, but it also depends on how the tea maker brews it.

Tea Appreciation Time

Tea appreciation session at Royal Eternity Tea. Tea Master brewing tea for us

On this note, you should all know that all teas should be brewed differently to extract the best flavours. The main factors are water temperature and steeping time. For example, the red tea that we sampled, Lapsang Souchong, only requires seconds of steeping. The moment the water (preferably heated to 90C) hits the leaves, it should be instantly poured out for drinking to prevent over-extraction which leads to unwanted astringency.

The clear ruby tea had a smooth texture and a fruity finish. I noted that the sweetness was more intense as it cooled down, which according to Xiao Yu, was a sign that she brewed the tea properly. Otherwise, the tea would be imparted with a bitter note.

Tea appreciation doesn’t just stop at how tea is brewed. Our Tea Master, Xiao Yu also taught us about tea etiquette. Fun fact, the polite way to serve tea is from left to right unless you’re with your (seniors) and you specially request for them to be served first.

Tea Appreciation Tea Tasting Session – 45 minutes to 1 hour
$28 minimum spend for tea tasting, tea service will be provided
1. 45-minute tea tasting section in the Glassroom
2. Glassroom is allowed for only tea-tasting, if there are other activities like birthday celebration, buffet catering, there is another additional charge for room charge. 
3. Buffet catering will have an additional charge of $60 for the cleaning service. 

Tea-making class workshop
$88 per class, 2-hour class
Minimum 5 pax
11 am – 1 pm 

Themed Parties or Event Venues

However, the true highlight of the place is the exquisite venue spaces. Throw a themed birthday party, corporate events, or rent the space all for yourself to enjoy a steamy cup of tea or as a productive workspace. In line with their brand, Royal Eternity Teahouse is furnished with oriental elements with hints of modernism to invoke a sense of familiarity.

Glassroom, room with natural sunlight for appreciating tea

Get in touch with nature with their Glassroom. Built with glass ceilings, the room is brightly-lit with natural sunlight, perfect for a boost of serotonin. The floor is splattered with a multicoloured abstract pattern, with a stone sculpture displayed at the corner, contrasting against the ancient Chinese stools and teaware. However, do note that the Glassroom is only available for tea-tasting and an additional cost is incurred for other activities such as birthday celebrations and buffet catering.

Meanwhile, their Conference Rooms bears cozier and warmer vibes, with more oriental decors like Chinese paintings and embroideries.

2nd floor Conference Room at Royal Eternity Teahouse. Oriental vibes with modern elements, and wine chillers

For a more intimate setting, head up to their 2nd floor for their closed conference rooms, which are also equipped with wine chillers.

The Tea Masters at Royal Eternity Teahouse are in charge of brewing your tea unless requested otherwise.

Conveniently located Rent a room at Royal Tea Eternity starting from S$99 an hour. Their packages also include:

Package A  Spending: S$500
Free: 2 hours meeting room
1. Doesn’t include tea service, an additional charge of $50 per hour for tea service charges. 
2. Customers can bring in their own tea, hot water is provided.
3. Customers can purchase tea from us.

Package B Spending: S$1,000
Free: 6 hours meeting room
1. Free 3 finger food of your choice e.g nuts, fruits
2. Doesn’t include tea service, an additional charge of $50 per hour for tea service charges

Location: 37 Neil Rd, S088822
Tel: +65
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Thur); 11am – 10:30pm (Fri – Sat); Closed on Sundays

*This article is written in collaboration with Royal Eternity Tea House

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