Singapore Design Week (SDW) returns this year from 16 to 25 September with a brand new vision.

“The two-year hiatus was a good time to hit the refresh button,” said Mark Wee, Festival Director of SDW 2022. It provided the management team ample time to emphasise Singapore’s distinctive design strength.

Over the course of ten days, 200 designers will congregate to showcase their works that fall under one of the three festival pillars.

Designs to expect this year

What will the world look like in a few decades? WOMBO, an AI-powered artwork tool gives us a glimpse of the future.

Design Futures, one of the pillars of the festival, showcases designers’ expectations — or hopes — for the future. Developed by internationally renowned design curator and author Paola Antonelli, the Design Futures Symposium aims to explore novel designs which will be fundamental to strategies for the future.

In addition to design approaches, the symposium probes conversations on local and global challenges such as ageing populations, dense and low-carbon cities, and coexistence with natural areas.

The interpretation of the future by WOMBO, an AI-powered artwork tool. Photo credits: DesignSingapore Council

Design Marketplace showcases a curated selection of furnitures and interior designs. This pillar is anchored by FIND — Design Fair Asia, Asia’s newest and largest furniture, interiors and design fair.

Curated by Suzy Annetta of Design Anthology, the showcase spotlights over 50 established and emerging designers from Southeast Asian countries.

Pieces to look out for include a series of lamps created from bio/agri-waste by Filipino designer Stanley Ruiz, and rattan log bench seats designed by Indonesian designer, Alvin Tjitrowirjo.

From left: Bio/agri-waste lamps by Stanley Ruiz, rattan log bench seats designed by Alvin Tjitrowirjo. Source: Design Council Singapore
From left: Bio/agri-waste lamps by Stanley Ruiz, rattan log bench seats designed by Alvin Tjitrowirjo. Photo credits: DesignSingapore Council

Lastly, Design Impact underscores the importance of design as a driving force that addresses today’s most critical issues, like sustainability and mental health.

Launch of the P*DA Tours

This year’s SDW will also mark the launch of the President*s Design Award (P*DA) Tours. Award-winning projects, which are centred around architecture and place-making projects, will be featured during the festival. The special SDW edition will feature exclusive experiences that are not normally available to the public through immersive tours and self-guided journeys.

Other highlights of the festival

In addition, the Good Design Research pop-up, curated by design studio WY-TO, features 20 homegrown designers that have produced notable designs through research and experimentation.

“As a small brand looking to create outsized impact by celebrating and preserving heritage craft through innovation, exhibiting in the Good Design Research pop-up during Singapore Design Week 2022 helps share our work with a wider audience.”

Felicia Toh, founder of NOST, Good Design Research recipient

N*thing is Possible, a regenerative design showcase that celebrates re-use, re-cycle, re-craft and re-live, is led by Potato Head and other organisations and artists.

Doors & 5000 Lost Soles Installation by Potato Head. Photo credits: Potato Head

Daniel Boey, also referred to as the “Godfather of Singapore fashion”, will be exploring the possibilities for fashion in an increasingly decentralised and digital post-pandemic world. #FashTag will also feature NFT artworks, runway shows and fashion films.

More information on the dates and locations of the respective events can be found on DesignSingapore Council.

Date: 16-25 September


*Featured image photo credits: Design Council Singapore

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