Chef Damian D'Silva of Rempapa showcasing the process of cooking his famous Peranakan Fishcake

Singaporeans constantly lament that there’s nothing else to do in this small island — but eat.

Titled ‘Real Foodies Only’, the annual Singapore Food Festival (SFF) returns as a physical event from 24 August to 11 September.

“Launched in 1994, this year is SFF’s 29th edition — testament to Singapore’s undying passion for food and our ability to keep evolving and embrace new trends.”

– Ms Teyi Guo, Director of Retail & Dining at Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Dishes to expect at Singapore Food Festival 2022

This year’s line up features an array of dishes that are birthed from the amalgamation of traditional flavours with modern cooking techniques.

Jelebu Dry Laksa, topped with seasonal seafood

Jelebu Dry Laksa is renowned for putting a modern twist on one of our local favourites. The chopped up rice noodles are coated in a potent laksa sauce, enhanced with a blend of 12 herbs, and infused with organic young coconut milk. We had ours paired with Boston lobster and tiger prawns.

Meanwhile, new establishments, such as Kurobuta Wanton Mee, will also be fighting for the limelight during the festival.

On the other end of the spectrum, Rempapa’s Peranakan Fish Cake is not only packed with flavour, but with stories. Prepared by the Chef Damian D’Silva of Rempapa, founder of Rempapa, he fondly recalled it as a comfort food his grandmother would make for him when he fell sick as a child.

Chef D’Silva explains how different Peranakan households have very unique styles of cooking

However, as authentic as the flavours are, Chef D’Silva prepares it in a completely different way his grandmother would — with a blender instead of mincing with a knife. Chef D’Silva believes that change is necessary to increase efficiency in the kitchen, as long as the quality of the food isn’t compromised.

Understanding traditional techniques, before replacing them with modern equipment, is essential. For instance, when preparing the Peranakan Fish Cake, using a blender with a sharp blade would slice the fish, while a dull blade would grind it.

Free cooking classes conducted by some of the best chefs in the world

In addition to funky new dishes, such as The Feather Blade’s Rendang Beef Slides, and Rappu’s Black Pepper Crab Taco, SFF 2022 also caters to those who prefer culinary adventures from the comfort of home.

Nine free-to-view virtual masterclasses will be held on SFF’s Facebook Page. Avid foodies the opportunity to cook-along live with some of the best culinary talents in Asia. More details on the full programme can be found of SFF’s official website. But festival-goers can expect the following big names: Maira Yeo, Asia’s Best Pastry Chef 2022 from two-Michelin star restaurant, Cloudstreet, Chef Justin Lee of JL Dessert Bar in Seoul, Chef Will Goldfarb of Room4Dessert in Bali, and Chef Genevieve Lee of Sourbombe Bakery.

Food kits, which comprises of the respective ingredients for each class, are also available on their website.

Location: 12A Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018970


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