If you’re anything like me and extremely indecisive, take a spin at Tezarekt’s random cocktail generator to decide on your drink for the night.

As a cross platform digital vending machine, Tezarekt creates a gamified NFT marketplace and partners with artists and brick and mortar businesses to invoke new social experiences.

Tezarekt has partnered with JU95, a modern izakaya restaurant, to bring the world’s first random cocktail generator. Choose your game mode- EZPZ ($19.5), Normal ($23), Get Rekt ($26)– and leave the bartenders to the concoctions. The list of spirits and mixers is showcased in the form of NFT art.

EZPZ ($19.5)

The EZPZ ($19.5) promises one spirit and two mixers, and we landed on sake, ginger and lemon. We were initially skeptical of the combination but kudos to the bartenders for creating the perfect flavour balance between the liquids.

Normal ($23)

For the Normal ($23) with two spirits and two mixers, we pulled a super rare— highly alcoholic absinthe along with sake, watermelon and lemon. Luckily, the absinthe was mellowed out by the mixers and it was quite an enjoyable drink for those with good alcohol tolerance.

Hats off to the friendly bartenders for knowing their craft, as you won’t seem to end up with a bad drink. If you’re up for something different on your nights out, look no further for a novel cocktail tasting experience.

Location: 41 Boat Quay, Singapore 049830
Tel: +65 8201 2737
Opening hours:
Monday: Closed
Tue-Wed: 6pm- 12am
Thu-Fri: 12-2pm, 6pm-12am
Saturday: 6pm- 12am
Sunday: 5-10pm


*This article is written in collaboration with JU95, but all opinions are my own

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