The highly anticipated collaboration between Aniplus Cafe and the popular manga series Spy x Family is set to take Singapore by storm.

Fans of the anime will now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Tatsuya Endo’s hit manga through delectable food and exclusive merchandise at Aniplus Cafe, Singapore’s rotating anime-themed cafe.

Spy x Family Aniplus Cafe. Photo: Aniplus Cafe

Aniplus Cafe’s collaboration with Spy x Family is set to delight fans as they step into a realm where the manga’s vibrant characters, iconic locations, and memorable scenes come to life. The café’s menu boasts a range of tantalising mains, desserts, and beverages that pay homage to the beloved series, ensuring that every bite is a feast for both the taste buds and the imagination. 

Spy x Family mains. Photo: Aniplus Cafe

For instance, Anya’s Pink Pasta ($18), featuring peanuts and a creamy mushroom sauce in a cherry blossom hue, pays homage to the character’s signature hair colour. Meanwhile, the Eden Academy School Cafeteria Bento ($22) takes diners on a culinary journey through the halls of Eden Academy. Last but not least, fans of the manga will be delighted to find the Sorry Omurice ($18) — a faithful replica of the meal showcased in Chapter 9 of the manga and Episode 7 of the anime.

Spy x Family desserts. Photo: Aniplus Cafe

In addition to the delectable main courses, Aniplus Café serves an array of desserts and drinks inspired by Spy x Family characters. Indulge in Yor’s Red Velvet Lava Cake ($15), a decadent treat that perfectly captures the mix of sweetness and darkness embodied by the character. These carefully crafted desserts and drinks allow fans to taste the essence of their favourite characters while enjoying a unique dining experience.

Exclusive Spy X Family merchandise

Spy x Family lenticular card. Photo: Aniplus Café

A wide range of official Spy x Family merchandise imported from Japan, as well as original merchandise created by Aniplus, will be available for purchase during the event. As a special treat for fans, every $15 spent at the café guarantees limited edition collectables, including character coasters and postcards. Customers who spend $15 on the merchandise will receive a random lenticular card from a specially curated selection, while those who spend $40 or more will be rewarded with one of the charming Spy x Family-themed luggage tags.

Spy x Family luggage tag. Photo: Aniplus Café

Aniplus Cafe

Location: 8 Raffles Avenue, Annex Esplanade Mall #01-13C, Singapore 039802
Tel: +65 6815 0011
Opening hours: 11:45am-9pm

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