Not all spies are cursed by solitude, though the belief is entrenched by popular espionage movies like the Bond franchise. Loid Forger, the protagonist of newly-released anime Spy x Family, is proof that spies can indeed live a happy, normal life with his family.

Created by Tatsuya Endo in 2019, the comedic spy fiction hits the television screen at the start of 2022, and with its major uptick in sales, Uniqlo has partnered up to launch their first ever Spy x Family UT Collection this June.

The story follows a Loid, a spy who has to ‘build a family’ for a mission, oblivious his pretend-wife is a skilled assassin, and his adopted daughter is a telepath.

Launching on 3rd June, 2022, in Japan, the lineup features the following designs.

The classic. With all three characters, Loid, Yor and Anya, posing in front of ‘Spy x Family’ in blocky outlines, this shirt pays homage to its manga series with its monochromatic design.

Its second design takes reference from the stereotypical spy aesthetic, evident from the crosshair and red silhouette of Loid.

Meanwhile, their third design adopted on a more minimalistic- or should I say, stealthy- approach, with a small title at the front, and simple line work of the characters on the back.

Lastly, everyone’s favorite telepath, is hidden inside the pocket. Her pink hair peeks out of the contrasting pale yellow shirt, revealing her cheeky grin only when you’ve pulled down the pocket.

Uniqlo Singapore has yet to announce their launch date of this highly-anticipated collection, but more information can be found on Uniqlo Japan.

*Images courtesy of Uniqlo Japan

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