Firstly, don’t worry. There are seats in this Japanese restaurant despite its quirky name. And if you don’t already know, Standing Sushi Bar is most well known for their daily, generous promotions.

Standing Sushi Bar Promotions

In my opinion, Thursdays offer the best deals out of all the other days in the week. S$3 for 5 pieces of salmon sashimi, S$2 for a glass of sake and S$5 for beer, hot sake, wine and umeshu. The low prices certainly made me doubt the quality of the food, but I went against my skepticism and ordered anyway. Surprisingly, the salmon was really fresh and had a nice amount of fattiness. Obviously, it’s incomparable to the more bougie restaurants, but for S$3? Its quality exceeded my expectations.

I’m not anywhere close to an alcohol expert so you should take what I say with a pinch of salt. But the sake tasted decent, although slightly diluted.

Japanese Cuisine

Their menu is rather complete, including most Japanese dishes, from sushis to makis and udons to donburis.

While the photos of the makis look grandeur, the actual product was more than underwhelming. For one, the sushi was really small. And the taste also lacked depth. It was just savory on top of savory. I just wished there were more layers to the flavor profile.

Their Salmon Avocado Don (S$19) surprised me with its western-styled plating. The salmon was fresh, a nice bite, cool to the touch. Meanwhile, the avocado tasted exquisite. It was at the peak of its ripeness, resulting in a soft, with just enough bite, texture and the perfect sweetness. However, S$19 for a few slices of salmon and avocado didn’t seem like a good deal to me, regardless of how good it tasted. Just to add on, there was furikake added to the rice for extra seasoning since the flavour profile was rather dull. I would prefer this with some kind of sauce though.


If I were to come back, it would only be for their salmon sashimi and sake promotion. Although some may argue that Sushi Express offers salmon sashimi at half the price. But the quality is nowhere near comparable. Furthermore, Standing Sushi Bar offers a more appropriate drinking environment with its Japanese bar designs. However, their maki and donburi was a little too expensive for me.

Location: 331 North Bridge Road, Odeon Towers #01-04, Singapore 188720
Tel: +65 6333 1335
Opening hours: 12- 2:30pm; 6- 10:30pm on weekdays. 12- 10:30pm on weekends

Standing Sushi Bar Location

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