Japan’s leading Gyudon restaurant, and also in my opinion, an upgrade of Yoshinoya’s beef bowl. SUKIYA has made its way to Singapore and opened its flagship store at Suntec City. Not to be confused with Sukiya, the suki maki buffet restaurant, SUKIYA (you gotta scream it since it’s all uppercase) specializes in beef bowls at an affordable price starting from S$4.2.

You won’t be able to miss its bright red and yellow colour palette, located at the entrance of Suntec City (from Promenade MRT Station). It’s also quite crowded during lunch and dinner timings. But don’t worry, the queue moves fast

S$4.2 Gyudon

You didn’t hear wrong. SUKIYA’s Gyudon starts from S$4.2. But that’s the smallest size. The regular Gyudon is Gyudon at its simplest form. Thinly sliced beef infused with their secret shoyu-based sauce, atop of fluffy Japanese white rice.

SUKIYA recommends getting the Medium size (S$4.9) for a regular portion of meat and rice. The Large (S$6.7) gives a larger portion of meat, whereas the Extra Large (S$8.8) gives a larger portion of meat and rice.

For a more savory and textured experience, opt for their Triple Cheese Gyudon (S$6.5) which sees a sprinkle of mozzarella, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese. To my horror, the cheese came unmelted. It was unsightly, especially to my camera. But if you give it a little time, maybe some encouragement, the residual heat from the beef and rice will render the cheese to melt. Not fully, but enough to coat the beef to provide a stringy texture.

Instead, get the Melted Cheese on Triple Cheese Gyudon (S$7.5). Essentially the Triple Cheese Gyudon with an extra topping of melted nacho cheese. It adds a touch of savory to the dish. But in my opinion, nacho cheese belongs more on hotdogs are chips, and not with rice bowls. 

Other variations include Kimchi Gyudon ($6.2), Okra Gyudon (S$6.2), Spring Onion and Half Boiled Egg Gyudon (S$6.8).

Surprisingly, they have quite an extensive menu that includes Beef Yakiniku, Japanese Curry, Yakitori and Karaage and Unagi.

Drinks at SUKIYA

I thought it was hilarious how the drinks at SUKIYA cost almost as much as the beef bowl. Besides canned and bottled drinks, SUKIYA makes their own in-house specialties. 

The Kyoto Uji Matcha Latte (S$4.5) had a nice bittersweet flavour and is something I would recommend getting if you’re thirsty. 

ON the other hand, the Earl Grey Tea Latte (S$3.8) tasted just like Gong Cha’s, which was a tad artificial for my liking. 

Lastly, the Strawberry Milk (S$4.8) showed great promises with its usage of fresh Hokkaido milk. However, the choice of using strawberry syrup instead of fresh strawberries rendered the drink to taste less refreshing than expected. It wasn’t a bad drink, just not one that’s worth S$4.8.


Skip the drinks and just get the Gyudon, which is worth way more than its price.

Location: #01-647 East Wing, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983
Opening hours: 10am- 10pm

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