“The price of the food is directly proportional to its quality”.

Suparakki Ramen debunks the theory by charging only $7.9 for a bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen.

But how did it taste?

Affordable ramen in Singapore

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Japanese for ‘Super Lucky’, Iits name was derived from the founder’s goal to make his customers feel ‘super lucky’ for being able to slurp on a delicious bowl of ramen for less than $10.

They only have five types of ramen on the menu: Original Tonkotsu ($7.9), Shoyu Tonkotsu ($7.9), Tonkotsu Gyokai ($8.9), Tonkotsu Black Garlic ($9.9) and Dry Truffle ($6.9).

Affordable Tonkotsu Ramen in Singapore

The collagen broth of the Tonkotsu Ramen ($7.5) was flavourful. It’s decent for a $7.5 bowl of ramen. But, it was more savoury than rich. It was lacking that deep porky flavour you could only get from hours and hours of slow-cooking the pork bones.

Meanwhile, the chashu was also average, with a lack of colour.

It’s not something that I would actively crave. But if were craving ramen and I was on a budget, this could suffice.

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With the whole truffle ramen wave, we decided to give their Truffle Ramen ($6.9) a shot too. We were right to have ordered it with little faith.

Not only was it slightly dried out and clumped together, but the umami aspect of soy sauce also dominated the flavour profile, barely leaving any room for the earthy truffle aroma to shine. $6.9 for a bowl of noodles wasn’t bad though. But I would much rather spend a bit more to get their Tonkotsu Ramen.

Our verdict

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Influenced by the Japanese’s original intent for ramen — a quick and convenient meal — Suparakki designed the restaurant with minimal space between customers. So if you’re just looking for a quick and affordable meal, this is the place.

Where is Suparakki located?

Suparakki Ramen has three outlets across Singapore: North Point, Westgate and Citylink.

Suparraki Ramen

Location: Multiple locations

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