Tanjong Burger - Wagyu Beef Burger at Tanjong Beach Club

Good riddance to the dark era when beach food meant overpriced dried sandwiches and diluted coffee. At Tanjong Beach Club, you get succulent burgers, elegant avocado toasts and addictive finger foods.

Most of the mains were priced between $30- $40, which was slightly higher than average, but a markup was expected and justified for the quality of food you’re getting.

A huge shoutout to their Tanjong Burger ($30).

The construction itself was simple- with raw onions, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese; the usual. But the simplicity draws emphasis on their thick wagyu patty, cooked to a perfect medium, with a smoky, charred crust and a juicy, meaty interior.

Who knew that one of the best burgers in Singapore would be discovered here?

Unfortunately, the Minute Steak ($36) fell short, especially placed beside the burger. It was also wagyu, but the flavours were incomparable to the patty. Furthermore, because of how thin the steak was, it was hard to get a proper sear without overcooking it.

The silver lining was the compound butter that was slapped on top. It added decadence to compensate for the lack of flavour, but it gave the dish more of a sharp, salty profile than a rounded, meaty one the burger had.

Another issue with the dish was the overdressed, excessively-sour salad.

We didn’t manage to take a photo of it, but the Chicken Wings ($19) were also, admittedly, one of the best we’ve had. It looked dry, but underneath the veil of crispy skin and spicy seasoning laid the juiciest bite.

Tanjong Beach Club

Location: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, 098942
Tel: +65 9750 5323
Opening hours: 10am- 8pm (Weekdays); 9am- 8pm (Weekends)

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